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Golden Nuggets: Happy Presidents’ Day!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, February 21st, 2022

Brian Baldinger identifies areas of improvement for 49ers QB Trey Lance

“It’s got to get tighter,” Baldinger says. “It’s got to get tighter or you’re going to get the ball knocked out of your hands. Guys are going to read you. You’ve got to read the defense a little bit better. ... Just tighten up the release. This is one of the focuses of this offseason.”

George Kittle: Trey Lance is ready to be the 49ers’ starter

“I play tight end, and whoever is throwing me the football, I can’t wait to catch footballs from them, baby.”

5 prospects 49ers target if Commanders trade No. 11 draft pick for Jimmy Garoppolo

“Niner Noise breaks down five targets that make a ton of sense if they did manage to luck into that draft pick.”

NFL free agency: 6 cornerbacks the 49ers could target

“Adding a proven veteran CB would help the 49ers’ starting unit and shore up their depth by pushing a potential starter down the depth chart to give San Francisco some wiggle room in the event of an injury.”