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49ers in Five: Brian Baldinger’s offseason advice for Trey Lance

“Tighten up the wind up. That’s what we want to see”

Everything you need to know in around five minutes

It might be the offseason, but there’s no shortage of advice for presumed 49ers starting quarterback Trey Lance.

NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger is still tweeting out his film breakdowns, and he recently offered some advice for Lance going into his first offseason as a 49er.

“There is where he’s got to get better...He’s got to become more accurate. He’s got a little bit too big of a wind up. It’s got to get tighter. It’s gotta get tighter or you’re going to get the ball knocked out of your hands. Guys are going to read you. This is what he’s got to work on next year. Big wind up, quicker release.

This is one of the focuses of the offseason. Put that ball right on your ear, because his arm strength is strong enough. His transfer of power with his legs is good. Tighten up the wind up. That’s what we want to see.”

Baldinger is far from the only analyst to mention Lance’s lengthy throwing motion. The 49ers themselves have wanted to see some tweaks in Trey’s mechanics, and he’s going to spend at least part of the offseason working with quarterback coach John Beck - the same quarterback coach the team asked him to work with before they picked him third overall last April.

Whether those changes get made, and more importantly whether they stick, is one of the biggest offseason questions facing Lance and the team. Many quarterbacks before him have tried to permanently change their throwing motion. Few have succeeded.

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