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49ers in Five: Could John Lynch return to the broadcast booth after all?

With Troy Aikman’s reported departure to ESPN, Fox will have some moves to make

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

According to the New York Post, Troy Aikman is very close to leaving Fox and signing a deal to become the primary analyst for ESPN’s Monday Night Football. When and if that happens, Fox will have broadcast spots available. Could 49ers GM John Lynch be a candidate to fill one of those spots once again?

When rumors about John Lynch returning to television bubbled up earlier this month, he was quick to respond.

“From time to time, opportunities are presented,” Lynch said at the time, “I can tell you and tell everyone that my commitment right now is to this organization. We’re just coming off a season, but my commitment is to the 49ers, the York family, to Kyle [Shanahan]...I feel like it’s a real blessing to be part of this organization, so my commitment is right here, and that’s where I’ll be.”

Lynch did say that opportunities are presented. It’s possible that Fox already approached him earlier this year to take his temperature about the idea just in case things with Aikman didn’t work out.

Here’s more from the article in the Post:

“[Fox] will consider its No. 2 analyst Greg Olsen, [Sean] McVay, Sean Payton and, in a twist, could try to trade for NBC’s Drew Brees, according to sources. Brees, who is in NBC’s studio, is also a candidate for Amazon on Thursday nights.

Fox will also wait if a mystery candidate, someone not apparent right now, arises. 49ers GM and ex-TV game analyst John Lynch could fall into this category for either Amazon or Fox.”

You would think that “mystery candidates” wouldn’t be specifically named in the press, but I digress.

If Lynch was lured away from the 49ers, they seem to have the structure in place to compensate for the loss. Assistant General Manager Adam Peters likely would move into Lynch’s spot as the general manager.

Vice President of Player Personnel Ethan Waugh could replace Peters. Ran Carthon, who interviewed for the New York Giants general manager position, would likely be promoted from Director of Player Personnel to Waugh’s title — unless Carthon replaced Peters. The Niners have options to replace Lynch and whoever his potential successor is.

There’s a long way to go before we get to that point, but it’s worth keeping an eye on. Don’t be surprised if Lynch gets asked about that possibility at the Scouting Combine coming up on March 1st.

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