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Golden Nuggets: National Media Chimes In On 49ers QB Situation

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, February 24th, 2022

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Schefter: ‘It’s not a lock’ 49ers trade Jimmy Garoppolo

“It’s not a reflection of whether they think he’s going to make it. … I’m just giving you the other side, that I don’t think it’s a lock [Garoppolo] is going to be traded. He very well might, but it’s not a lock.”

NFL reporter calls interest in 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo ‘lukewarm’

“Interest in guys like Jimmy Garoppolo and Carson Wentz is lukewarm as best I can tell, while some rumblings about Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan have picked up,” wrote Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.”

Maiocco: 49ers check all boxes if Brady decides to return

“If Brady decides he wants to play, there is only one destination for him. The 49ers check all the boxes. The team had a strong nucleus on both sides of the ball and a more-direct path to a championship.”

Prisco on 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo: ‘I don’t think Trey Lance is ready...I wouldn’t trade him’

“Would I trade him? Probably not,” Prisco said on CBS Sports HQ. “I don’t think Trey Lance is ready, but I understand where they’re at. They traded up to go get Trey Lance, and they think they can plug him in there and get him going with a full offseason and the ability to learn the offense. So, I understand why. I wouldn’t trade him. I’d play Jimmy Garoppolo one more year.”

State of the 49ers, LB: Late-season health was wealth for Fred Warner and his crew (paywall)

“Health is wealth. If Warner, Greenlaw and Al-Shaair are all available, this defense can fire at full capacity. Its Wide-9 alignment up front makes fast, hard-hitting linebackers a very necessary ingredient on the second level. They can fire to close big gaps in the run game and cover effectively enough to dissuade opponents from hammering the short passing game.”