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Gold Standard: Why are there so many conflicting opinions about Trey Lance?

From Montana, to Glazer, to Schefter, everyone has something to say about #5

The 49ers quarterback situation has been a favorite topic of conversation for just about everyone recently. From former players to current analysts, people just can’t stop talking about Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo.

However, if we zoom out for a bit, it’s worth wondering how there can be so many different opinions about someone who played 10 quarters of football this year. In today’s Gold Standard podcast, Levin Black and I examined that question.

There has been no shortage of opinions about Trey Lance - especially in the last two weeks. The week before the Super Bowl, Joe Montana said he didn’t think Lance was ready after talking to members of the team. Shortly after the Super Bowl, Jay Glazer said the 49ers were “enamored” with Lance and that he does things in practice that make you say, “Oh, my goodness.”

Peter King told Matt Maiocco that he strongly believes Kyle Shanahan knows Lance is a good quarterback. Yesterday, Adam Schefter told Ari Meirov that Lance is “going to need more work than people realized,” but also that the team is happy with how he’s developing.

Whose opinions you choose to believe is your business. That isn’t the point of this post. The larger question to ask is, how are there so many different opinions about someone that’s only played 10 quarters of football in the NFL? When the Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch regime came to power, one of their main concerns was stopping the near-constant leaks that were coming from inside the organization. Given all the different things people are saying about Lance, it’s fair to wonder if that faucet is open again.

It’s one thing for players to be sharing their opinion of Lance to someone like Joe Montana. However, when it comes to people like Adam Schefter and Peter King, their sources are far more likely to be higher up in the 49ers organization. Perhaps it’s time for Kyle Shanahan to circle the wagons and get everybody on the same page again.

Finally, why is it that Trey Lance seems to be the only rookie quarterback discussed this offseason? Last year’s first-round was chock full of QBs, yet for some reason, Trey Lance is the only one people are “concerned” about.

“When have we ever seen a rookie who barely got to play and look pretty decent in the time that he did play, gets criticized or talked about this much in the offseason?” Levin Black asked, “I don’t think we’ve ever seen it. We have seen rookie quarterbacks get trashed after their rookie year because they weren’t doing well, or they weren’t prepping well, and that came out. Why isn’t anybody talking about how bad Zach Wilson looked? Why isn’t anybody talking about how bad Trevor Lawrence looked? Those should be the rookie storylines this offseason.”

Part of the reason has to be the fact that the 49ers are the only team with a viable alternative on the roster. As bad as Wilson, Lawrence, and Fields looked, they’re going to be the starter next year for better or worse. San Francisco still has a potential option in Garoppolo, so the debate becomes low-hanging fruit.

Regardless, the Lance hot takes are probably still going to emerge until Jimmy gets traded and the dust settles on that deal. With days to go before the start of the Scouting Combine and weeks until the start of the new league year, brace yourself for a few more before that time comes.