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Golden Nuggets: Even John Lynch Isn’t Immune To Offseason Rumor Mill

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, February 25th, 2022

Kawakami on KNBR: 49ers probably aren’t getting Garoppolo offers they hoped

“And that might be what the 49ers are running into. They like him; I think Kyle likes him more than anybody in the NFL likes him. But he had to replace him and now he wants a lot of picks back. They might be running into reality here and that could delay things.”

Hutchinson: FOX could look to John Lynch as Troy Aikman replacement [report]

“Could Lynch make a return to television? It would certainly pay more than what he’s making as a general manager and come without the stresses of that job.”

Cowherd: Trey Lance rumors could actually be 49ers gamesmanship

“Couldn’t I argue [that] Montana, Young, Adam Schefter are all saying this benefits the 49ers?” Cowherd said. “Why? I’m a GM; I call John Lynch, [saying], ‘John, we’ll take Garoppolo, [give you a] third-round pick.’ [Lynch could reply], ‘Third-round pick? Have you seen the stories? Trey Lance isn’t ready! We’re going to keep Garoppolo another year.’ By the way, which [is what] Adam Schefter is suggesting—Garoppolo would stay next year.”

Amazon held talks with 49ers GM John Lynch about broadcasting job, per report

“Amazon held talks with current 49ers GM and ex-TV analyst John Lynch, according to sources, but it did not lead to a deal,” reports Marchand.”

Jimmie Ward weighs in on Tom Brady-to-49ers speculation

“Tom Brady, I’m not saying he can’t do it. I feel like he can. He’s proven it, that he can go to another franchise, and win a Super Bowl that year. ... But since he retired, I feel like that’s sort of the same situation with Kobe Bryant. When he retired from the Lakers, all the media kept saying, ‘Oh yeah, Kobe said he’s not done. He’s going to come back and play with LeBron [James].’ But he never came back. He was retired. RIP.”

Mailbag: Could the 49ers and Tom Brady really happen? (paywall)

“And it’s excellent fodder to begin the first 49ers’ mailbag of the offseason (some questions have been edited for length, grammar and/or clarity).”