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Richard Sherman blasts Seahawk fans; says they hate accountability and are fair-weather fans

It’s officially the offseason

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Former 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman has been vocally supportive on Twitter for his former teammates. Whenever the Niners were playing, and Sherman was available, he’d show some love for San Francisco’s secondary.

On his recent podcast, Sherman wasn’t as kind to the team that drafted him. Former Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Cliff Avril was his guest, and Sherman didn’t mince any words when talking about Seattle. First, he opened up about how he ended up in San Francisco. Then, Sherman said the Seahawks cut him as he was rehabbing:

“They cut me in the middle of Achilles rehab, and then the fans still had the audacity to get mad (that I signed with San Francisco)... I didn’t leave, I got fired! To cut somebody in the middle of Achilles rehab, you don’t do that to your enemy!”

I’m not sure if anyone was aware of that. I lead with this statement knowing that Sherman likely had an ax to grind with the Seahawks and their fans since the day they released him. Now, you wonder how much signing with the Niners so he could play Seattle twice a year played a part in his decision to come to the Bay Area.

Sherm didn’t say whether or not he was training in the Seahawks facility. But you can sense he’s still frustrated, and rightfully so. We always talk about the human element of the sport. Getting released after everything Sherman did for that franchise had to be a tough pill to swallow.

Sherman then turned his attention to Seahawks fans:

“Seattle fans are going to hate to hear this, because its just they hate accountability these days... they’re probably going to get rid of Bobby. Russell Wilson is learning that you either leave the hero, or you stay long enough to become the villain... These fans had never won anything before we got here. They went to the Super Bowl in ‘06 and they were happy to be there. And that was their biggest claim. Then we get there we win a Super Bowl, we spoil them with historic defense, and then all of a sudden that’s their expectation.”

Sherman is referencing the Legion of Boom days and how Seattle likely moves on from aging veteran Bobby Wagner.

This is hilarious, and that’s why I’m sharing it. Sherman went off on a tangent, and Seahawks fans caught strays. Sherman continued, as he discussed how Seattle has only won one playoff game since 2017, hasn’t had an All-Pro cornerback since him, yet, the fans continue “having these weird expectations.”

Here he is, with a jab at Russell Wilson:

“You have not been anywhere close to a Super Bowl letting Russ cook... you will not be anywhere close to a Super Bowl letting him throw 30-40 times a game, because not only are you stopping the clock, so your defense, your time of possession, your propensity to turn the ball over is going to increase.”

That’s Sherm telling us how he really feels about Wilson, who could be on his way out of the NFC West. Honestly, he's not wrong. How Wilson wins isn’t sustainable. Moon balls look great when they work, but missing open wideouts underneath and taking sacks happened more than the former, which is why Seattle is pressing the reset button this offseason.

Sherman is an enjoyable listen, even if he can be all over the place at times. He knows what he’s talking about, and I’d love to get his feelings on the 49ers season and their direction as a team in general.