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49ers in Five: Early bets are coming in heavy on the Niners and Trey Lance

The imminent quarterback change isn’t scaring anyone away

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

Even with a quarterback change in the works, the power of the 49ers brand is flexing its muscle once again.

San Francisco has drawn significant early wagers through BetMGM to make it to Arizona next February. Of all money bet on potential NFC champions, 29.5 percent has been placed on the 49ers.

Overall their odds fell from +700 to +600 (for anyone that doesn’t know, +600 means if you bet $100, you win $600). As one of the few teams that have national appeared in the NFL, this shouldn’t be surprising.

However, what might be unexpected is how the 49ers are performing against other national brands in the NFC. The Cowboys, for example, have only drawn 8.4 percent of the handle at +600 themselves. The Packers, meanwhile, have received 6.4 percent of the action at +400.

Additionally, quarterback Trey Lance has become a popular bet to win the MVP award, drawing 10 percent of the handle with odds that have dropped from 80-1 to 66-1. There is precedent for it to happen, believe it or not. Patrick Mahomes pulled it off with 50 touchdown passes in his second season in 2018, and Lamar Jackson did it the following year by leading the NFL in TD passes (not to mention 1,200+ yards rushing). If you want to go way back, Dan Marino also did it in 1984.

While there are obviously miles to go before any bet of that nature will pay off, if you’re confident in the outcome, now would be the time to make that wager. You can expect the 49ers to get plenty of prime-time games in 2022, and if they perform well in those games, their odds are only going to fall.

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