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Could the 49ers find a cheap replacement at right guard in free agency?

There’s a perfect system fit who played for the Colts

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NFL: NOV 28 Buccaneers at Colts Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 49ers will look to retain Laken Tomlinson and keep as many of their starting offensive line intact as possible. Even if Tomlinson returns, there’s still a question mark at right guard.

Daniel Brunskill proved to be competent at times, but whenever faced with a capable pass rusher, Brunskill was often overwhelmed. The 49ers' other options at guard this offseason that are on the roster were rookies a year ago who hardly played.

Jaylon Moore and Aaron Banks could prove to be players who bring something to the table, but you don’t want to insert an inexperienced offensive lineman in front of Trey Lance.

That brings us to free agency, where San Francisco figures to be bargain bin shoppers. PFF went through each NFL team to determine the best fit in free agency and suggested the 49ers go after a veteran guard from the Colts:


The 49ers managed to make things work with Daniel Brunskill last offseason, but it’s not difficult to imagine that they would want to improve the right guard spot. The possibility that 2021 second-round selection Aaron Banks wins that job doesn’t preclude San Francisco from looking at free-agent options, especially with Laken Tomlinson hitting free agency on the left side.

Glowinski is a plus athlete who has been an above-average zone blocker in his starting stint with Indianapolis the past several seasons. He will likely be more of a cost-effective option in free agency than Tomlinson.

Glowinski started every game for the Colts this past season. His blown block percentage was 2.6%, with two penalties all season and zero sacks allowed. Even better, Glowinski only allowed two “stuffs” as a run blocker all season in 794 total snaps.

Glowinski, 29, hasn’t missed a game since 2018. Over the past few seasons he’s been consistent for Indianapolis and could be one of those under-the-radar signings the 49ers benefit from in the long run.

Glowinski’s signed a contract with the Colts in 2019 for three years, $16.2 million. His current valuation is around $6 million per season. If the goal is to make life as easy as possible on Trey Lance, adding a veteran like Glowinski makes sense for the Niners, who can afford to spend more in free agency with a quarterback on a rookie contract.