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49ers in Five: The Browns are done with Baker Mayfield, want “adult” at QB

Hey Cleveland, we know a guy...

Everything you need to know in five minutes

Another possible landing spot for Jimmy Garoppolo has emerged.

Yesterday on ESPN, Chris Mortensen said Cleveland is looking for what they consider, “ an adult at the position.” That comment alone would be enough to point them in the Jimmy Garoppolo direction considering how often his professionalism and leadership was cited as an asset. Then Mortensen continued:

“Who is an adult? Well, listen, Jimmy Garoppolo is scheme friendly. Yes, he has a shoulder recovery, but so does Baker Mayfield. Jimmy Garoppolo is one I would not ignore with Cleveland. That’s one I’m gonna just put out there.”

Just as we said the Colts might value Garoppolo’s intangibles after a season of dealing with Carson Wentz, the Browns could be right next to them in that boat after years of Baker Mayfield.

In terms of draft capital, the Browns have some attractive picks that they might be willing to deal away:

  • Round 1 | Pick 13
  • Round 2 | Pick 44
  • Round 3 | Pick 78
  • Round 3 | Pick 99 (compensatory selection)
  • Round 4 | Pick 106
  • Round 4 | Pick 117
  • Round 6 | Pick 201 (from DAL)
  • Round 7 | Pick 221

Forget the 13th overall pick, but each of the next three picks in their war chest could potentially be on the table. If the 49ers were to also include a pick or two of their own, things could get pretty interesting.

Deshaun Watson remains the biggest piece that has yet to move in this quarterback carousel, but once he does things will begin to come into focus pretty quickly.

You can always catch up on everything going on with the 49ers in just five minutes with the 49ers in Five podcast. It’s available for you every weekday morning anywhere you get your podcasts.