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49ers in Five: Is Jimmy Garoppolo trying to get released?

It sure looks that way

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The biggest 49ers-related news from the Scouting Combine didn’t come from Tim Kawakami, Eric Branch, or anyone else on the team’s beat, but instead from national insiders Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport.

Schefter also reported that Garoppolo wouldn’t be able to throw until around the Fourth of July, “if and when a trade is consummated.”

Later in the day, Ian Rapoport had more information:

Clearly, this information makes it more difficult for the 49ers to trade Jimmy Garoppolo. As such, it’s safe to assume it’s coming from the Garoppolo camp, likely his agent Don Yee.

Yee knows the 49ers need the 25 million dollars in cap room that the team will save by getting Jimmy G. out of town. Instead of sitting back and letting the 49ers trade his client wherever they want (which they can do if they trade him after the new league year), it appears he’s doing what he can to diminish whatever trade value Garoppolo had left. After this news, teams are likely to reduce their offers or back off altogether and wait for the Niners to cut Garoppolo.

None of that should deter the 49ers from making some kind of deal. The true value in trading Garoppolo is the salary cap space and the end of a split locker room. Any compensation that comes back in a deal is merely the icing on the cake - and who wants to give up the icing on the cake? A cake without icing is a muffin, and nobody wants a muffin when cake is on the table.

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