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Golden Nuggets: What Impact Will Jimmy’s Shoulder Surgery Have On Trade Talks?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

Garoppolo to undergo shoulder surgery, drawing ‘significant interest’ from multiple teams [report]

“To recap, Garoppolo is getting offseason surgery imminently, just not on the body part it was expected to be. While Schefter reports it is “not expected to impact his trade status,” it’s not an encouraging sign. His value will still likely be determined by the availability of premium quarterbacks, like Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson.”

Steelers and Commanders ‘highly intrigued’ by 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo, per report

“According to Jordan Schultz, those two teams are “highly intrigued” by the prospect of adding the San Francisco 49ers quarterback.... Schultz notes that Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada wants to deploy run-pass option on offense, making Garoppolo a possible fit....“[Washington’s] Ron Rivera not only believes his team can win now, but has over $30M in cap as well,” adds Schultz.”

Hutchinson: Outside-the-box ways 49ers can make inexpensive upgrades

“We are entering NFL Combine week, which means the machinations of deals are underway in Indianapolis. Free agency has realistically already begun, and the 49ers have some obvious things to sort out... But there are also some less obvious ways they can improve, especially on special teams.”

Hutchinson: 49ers coaching news: No combine for Shanahan, position coaches depart and young additions to defensive staff

“It’s been a whiplash offseason for the 49ers and that’s before any real player-focused business has been done. Aaron Rodgers looks poised to potentially hold up the quarterback trade market, and with Mike McDaniel’s departure, there’s been more turnover in the 49ers’ coaching ranks than Kyle Shanahan has ever experienced in one offseason.”