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ESPN’s Field Yates predicts Jimmy Garoppolo lands with the Steelers

He also had Wentz to the Commanders and Russell Wilson returning to Seattle

Pittsburgh Steelers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

ESPN’s Field Yates projected each starting quarterback for the 2022 regular season. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson recently said that he doesn’t feel like playing on the East Coast is for him. Yates predicted Wilson would return to the NFC West.

We know Trey Lance, Kyler Murray, and Matthew Stafford will make up the rest of the NFC West. Lance is a new starter, but he won’t be the only one in the NFC. Yates believes Carson Wentz will start for the Washington Commanders next season. That’s an advantage for everybody else in the NFC. Wentz is who he is at this point.

Yates had former Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson going to Tampa Bay. As for Jimmy Garoppolo, he’s predicted to go to the Steelers:

With Lance forecasted as the starter in San Francisco, Jimmy G needs a new home and Pittsburgh checks some of the proper boxes. The Steelers have a massive need, cap space to afford him and are far enough down in the draft order in a class that doesn’t offer any surefire quarterback prospects that a veteran trade makes sense to keep this team in the playoff mix.

That’s a couple of Steeler mentions for Jimmy in two days. I’d guess they go the younger route, and that could be somebody like Mitch Trubisky, who apparently everyone covets now?

Instead of predicting where Garoppolo goes, I’m more intrigued by the compensation given up to acquire Jimmy. Let’s talk about that. Will it take something as minimal as a 4th round pick?

There’s a chance Garoppolo is released:

“There’s nothing minor about that,” is pretty telling, considering Jimmy won’t throw for four months.

Niners’ general manager John Lynch all but confirmed that trade talks are ongoing:

“A lot of people need or want quarterbacks right now and he’s obviously a guy they’d look at. So, yes, we have listened but he’s a part of us and he’s gonna work diligently to get back from this surgery.”

We’ll get into Lynch’s comments more later today. The predictions for where Garoppolo lands aren’t slowing down or going anywhere any time soon.