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Golden Nuggets: Welcome Back, Kerry Hyder!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, March 25th, 2022

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Former 49ers DE returns after being cut by Seahawks

“Unfortunately for Hyder, not all of that was guaranteed, and the DE was cut after earning just $3.65 million last year. Seattle wasn’t interested in retaining his services after he notched just 1.5 sacks in 14 games.”

Fowler: Trey Lance under the impression he’s the 49ers’ starter in 2022

“Trey Lance has gotten the full impression behind the scenes that he will start in 2022,” Fowler wrote. “So while the expectation is San Francisco will move Garoppolo eventually, it feels like the team is in a holding pattern on that.”

Kerry Hyder Jr. discusses his 49ers return and what happened in Seattle

“I always have the highest expectations for myself,” Hyder said. “Coming off a career year, you just kind of expect to build on that momentum. I feel like I had a good season, but the stats don’t always tell the whole story. I might not have the stats and stuff like that, but I feel as a player, I grew, and I got better last year.”

Kinlaw’s knee feels ‘amazing,’ wants to make statement in 2022

”All in all, the rehab process has been cool, the little things I’ve been working on, a lot of single-leg things, just a lot of bending, that type of stuff,” Kinlaw told Graham. “I already got way more knee [flexibility] than I ever had in my life. Hip flexibility — I’ve got more hip flexibility than I ever had in my life. The things that I do now, I’ve probably never been able to do in my life, so it’s just really exciting.””

49ers’ Jimmy G trade victim of bad luck on QB carousel

“But neither the Seahawks nor Panthers seem like fits for Garoppolo. At least, not right now. Add in that Mayfield, who is cheaper and younger, still is available and the 49ers were victims of brutal luck on the quarterback carousel.

Had Wilson stayed in Seattle or Watson hadn’t become available, Garoppolo might not still be a 49er.”

La Canfora: Texans not interested in 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo or Browns’ Baker Mayfield

“I don’t think anything is imminent,” La Canfora recently told CBS Sports HQ. “Houston’s not interested in either of these quarterbacks. At this point, I expect Carolina to draft a quarterback.”

49ers add CB in mock draft from The Athletic

“McCreary has been a popular name off the board to San Francisco late in the second round. He doesn’t fit the prototypical CB archetype we’ve seen the 49ers go after the last couple years with a more compact 5-11,190-pound frame with 29-inch arms.”

Lombardi: How the 49ers bolstered their D-line’s flexibility by bringing Kerry Hyder back at a bargain rate (paywall)

“The Seahawks chose not to use Hyder on the edge in 2021. In fact, just 28 percent of his snaps came from the far-outside alignment compared to the 95 percent rate Hyder saw either the LEO or REO positions with the 49ers in 2020, per Pro Football Focus.”