Maybe Fantasy Does Meet Reality (in some ways)

Seeing the controversy every year about the team not making enough splashes in Free Agency or paying too much for FA's, or not enough (yadda yadda yadda) led me to an observation I thought was interesting. So I figured I'd share it.

  1. Just to share it, and
  2. An excuse to talk about Football issues not related to Jimmy Garoppolo (FFS!!!)
It occurred to me that there are similarities in how differently teams approach free agency and the wide array of results both approaches yield, and my own experiences doing Auction Drafts for a couple of my FFB leagues.
I've tried both approaches myself, aggressive versus slow and steady wins the race and had good and bad results doing both.

I enjoy Auction Drafts because they require you to budget money and consider value in order to build the best team. So for me, it's more similar to real life NFL team construction in the salary cap era.

I think about the other guys in my leagues and they have their own approaches, also with mixed results. Just like real life NFL. Unpredictable, even though some try to argue "they knew it all along." Some will shoot their gun early, and spend on as many of the big names as they can until they run out of funds and have to pay minimum for every player remaining to fill their roster. They start fast but finish last because those that metered their funds more thoughtfully can easily outbid them if they want the same player. Others purposefully wait to engage, build a financial advantage over the competition, and are then able to pick from what's left without being outbid. I've tried both and neither works reliably if your goal is to win the prize. In the end, luck of the draw and how too many factors outside your control play out matter more than which approach you chose.

And so, like I said, it occurred to me that it's a lot like NFL Free Agency. How often do the teams that "win in March" win in January and make it to February?

I'm personally liking the approach so far to this FA for our Niners. We've got a roster rich in high end talent and we're filling what amount to small holes with good value solutions. They won't all be the final answer, but they'll serve the purpose of not forcing our hand to reach and draft for pure need instead of taking the best players. And like in Fantasy, the best teams are more often built without trying to get cute. If you like a player, bid, but have limits, understand value, and be disciplined. I've found that while that approach never guarantees winning the big prize, it's the approach that keeps you in the mix most consistently. The last push over the hump requires too many things you can't control.

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