Extending Garappolo to Trade Him?

I just wanted to bring up a scenario that I haven't heard any of the talking heads mention: and that is the idea of extending Jimmy Garappolo.

For the record, I have never been a Jimmy lover or hater, though I have never been convinced he is a top 15 QB in the league. I do believe he has trade value, but it is probably not more than a 3rd round pick. In my opinion, everyone in the league knows that Shanahan got the very best out of Jimmy, and thinking that he will be any better for another organization is absurd. That being said, he did take the 49ers to a SB appearance and another NFC Championship, so if a team with a polished roster and a great offensive mind needs a QB, then he certainly has value.

But here is where I recommend that the 49ers give an extension to Jimmy G.... an extension of 1 year. Jimmy has essentially no money guaranteed this season, but if he were to be traded the team paying him would have to cough up about $25 million. At this rate, it is clear that no team is willing to do that for his level of talent (See: Mitch Trubisky, Marcus Mariota). So what if the 49ers extended him for one more year, made about 15 million of his contract guaranteed, while only adding about $5 million more to his total salary. This would turn his deal from a $25 Million for 1 year with $0 guaranteed into a 2 year deal worth $30 Million and 15 million guaranteed. By converting $15 million into signing bonus, I believe the Niners would save about $10 million on this years cap and, more importantly, he would be much more likely to draw trade interest. Of course, one issue could be that Jimmy wouldn't want this restructure, but I would argue that it is his best opportunity to find a starting job (most likely Carolina). Also, I would think he would take $15 million guaranteed when he currently has 0 money guaranteed and is quite possibly looking at a backup job next year at a way reduced salary. If nobody still wanted to trade for him at this point, the worse case scenario is that he stays on the niners this year as an overpaid backup at $15 mil while we still have another year to trade him on another $15 million year. This increases the likelihood of us finding a trade partner either this year or next while not eating his whole salary. It also gives us a little insurance if, dare I say it, Trey Lance sucks @$$ this year and we decide to go back to the very average player whom our "lockerroom loves so much".

So what do you think? Is this a possibility? Or do I have no idea what I'm talking about?

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