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49ers in Five: John Lynch explains why Kyle Shanahan isn’t at the Combine

“We’ve got a lot of new people together”

Everything you need to know in five minutes

When John Lynch met the media at the Combine yesterday, he was asked a very simple and direct question: Why aren’t Kyle Shanahan and the rest of the coaching staff there?

“I think we look at each situation as a unique one and this isn’t something that we have a hard stance that coaches should never go. But, looking at [Miami Dolphins head coach] Mike McDaniel over there, and we’re happy for guys like that who got opportunities, but with that comes some turnover in our coaching staff. So we’re traditionally really focused on evaluation at this time and that solely, we also are doing some scheme work with our staff as we’ve got a lot of new people together. So Kyle and I talked and we felt like his time and his staff’s time were best spent there. The great thing about what we’ve learned over the last couple years is when we’re interviewing players, those respective coaches and coordinators and Kyle will get on the zooms. And so even though they aren’t here, they are here and we talk every night and we talk every morning, so communication is good. We just felt like that was best for our organization this week. And they’re having a real productive week, getting that scheme work done, getting used to each other as a staff and also taking part in the evaluation process.”

That’s a very political answer from John Lynch. “Scheme work” could mean a lot of different things. Does that mean the scheme is going to be changing from an outside zone scheme to more of a power run game? Does that mean Kyle has to teach the coaching staff the finer points of the scheme considering all of the turnover we’ve seen this offseason?

As it stands right now, the 49ers will have a new offensive coordinator (unless Shanahan assumes the role), a new quarterback coach, a new running back coach, a new wide receivers coach, a new tight ends coach, and multiple new offensive line coaches. Not to mention some defensive coaching positions and a special teams coordinator.

That’s a helluva lot of turnover in a single season. However, good news could be on the horizon.

Shanahan and company are not the only coaches to skip the Combine. That, in and of itself, isn’t a big deal. However, it is nice to know what they’re doing instead of being in Indianapolis. Thanks to John Lynch for filling in the blank.

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