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Lynch on extending Deebo and Bosa: Those guys are going to be 49ers

Was there ever any doubt that these two wouldn’t get extended?

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

I’m in Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine. On Wednesday afternoon, I had the opportunity to ask 49ers general manager John Lynch about his level of optimism in getting an extension done for both Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel during this offseason.

Here was the question, followed by Lynch’s answer:

Are you confident you’ll be able to get an extension done with both DL Nick Bosa and WR Deebo Samuel this offseason?

“Well, it’ll certainly be a challenge as good of players as those guys are. But I do know this, those guys are, in my mind, no absolutes, but those guys are going to be 49ers. They’re foundational to what we do on the field.

Their play is special, and off the field, in their own way, they’ve each become really big-time leaders for our team. They make their teammates better and we realize all that value and two special players are good issue to have.

And we do have good communication and good relationships with both their representatives as well as both the players. I think what I’ve learned in my going-on six years in this business is when both sides have the motivation, deals can get done.

So the timing, I have no idea, but we’ll go to work here and have been working to try to do something.”

While it is clear Lynch carefully chose his words so as to not speak in absolutes, it was beyond evident that Lynch is not shy about saying how much these players mean to the team and how they plan on keeping them as “foundational pieces.”

I have to say, while Lynch didn’t outright come out and say both deals will get done, he also didn't completely sidestep the question. He spoke with a level of confidence that makes me believe he can.

Lynch also mentioned deals can get done “when both sides have the motivation” in a tone which certainly came across as if the 49ers and these two superstar players are likely not too far apart on where their final figures will eventually land when both ink their new deals

Overall, Lynch did not give a timetable on when both deals may potentially be completed and made sure not to speak in absolutes. However, the entire tone of the response was steeped with optimism that both of these players would be donning the red and gold for the foreseeable future.