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Golden Nuggets: More Updates From Palm Beach

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

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Hutchinson: No one wants Jimmy Garoppolo for the same reason the 49ers don’t

“This organization made a bet on a quarterback who they had already publicly bet against. They wanted to move on from him because he is constantly injured, yet counted on him not being injured in order to trade him.”

49ers Notebook: Aaron Banks ‘ready to go’; Javon Kinlaw looking good; What Brian Griese brings; Shanahan on overtime rules

Shanahan spoke about the progress of guard Aaron Banks and defensive tackle Javon Kinlawon Tuesday while also offering his thoughts on the NFL’s overtime rules and explaining why he felt it was a good idea to add Brian Griese as the team’s quarterbacks coach. Here’s a recap.

Details emerge on 49ers RB Jeff Wilson’s one-year contract

“Wilson will earn a base salary of $1.035 million in 2022 with a workout bonus of $50,000. In addition, $530,000 of his salary is guaranteed.

There are also $950,000 of incentives based on playing time, rushing yards, catches, and touchdowns.”

Kawakami: What the 49ers’ leaders are really saying (and thinking) about the unresolved Jimmy Garoppolo situation (paywall)

“All of the potential angst and risk involved with holding onto Garoppolo for now only matters if Lance is feeling displaced and disrespected by it. And by every indication this week from Shanahan and Lynch, this is most definitely not the case.”

Barrows: Jed York: If the 49ers are going to ‘overinvest’, it ought to be at quarterback (paywall)

“It’s professional sports,” he said. “If Steve Young can sit on a bench for four seasons — Steve Young’s a Hall of Famer. And if he’s willing to do it and he has the competitive drive to do it, why can’t somebody else? I think those two (Young and Joe Montana) drove each other in the late ’80s and early ’90s to be the best that they could possibly be. And if that’s the situation we have and that’s what’s created, sign me up for that problem any day.”

Barrows: ‘The smartest player I’ve been around’: Kyle Shanahan on why he hired Brian Griese (paywall)

“I personally think he was the smartest football player I’ve been around, the way that he prepares, how organized he was, as detailed as a guy I’ve ever been around,” Shanahan said Tuesday morning at the NFL owners’ meetings. “And I thought he was a guy who could bring something different to the quarterback position.”

Who will be 49ers’ starting guards? Kyle Shanahan hints at promotions (paywall)

“The way (Banks) finished last year, he was ready to go,” Shanahan said at the NFL owners’ meetings. “And we almost made a move and put him in. But we kind of went on a win streak and we were just jelling good as a team.”

Branch: Who will be 49ers’ starting QB? Kyle Shanahan’s answers are telling (paywall)

“Why have the 49ers been shopping Garoppolo this offseason? Shanahan pointed out the obvious: Their desire to deal Garoppolo reflected their faith in Lance.”

Browns’ expected patience with Baker bad news for Jimmy G, 49ers

“For all his warts, Mayfield is young, cheaper, and has a higher ceiling than Garoppolo. It’s evident that Garoppolo has a higher value to the 49ers, either as a backup or in an unnecessary QB competition, than he does to any other team in the NFL.”