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49ers in Five: Jimmy Garoppolo has successful shoulder surgery

The “plan and hope” is that he is throwing well ahead of training camp

Everything you need to know about the team in about five minutes

With Aaron Rodgers announcing his return to Green Bay and the Seahawks agreeing to trade Russell Wilson a little more than an hour later, yesterday’s news about Jimmy Garoppolo flew under the radar. According to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network, Jimmy G. has now had the shoulder surgery the world found out he needed last week.

John Lynch told NFL Network at the Combine that the need for surgery took the team by surprise. It’s likely that Garoppolo wanted to try and prevent going under the knife by rehabilitating the shoulder going into an offseason where he’d be on the trade market. The fact that delaying surgery could potentially decrease his trade value and increase his chances of getting released probably didn’t put him in any hurry, either.

Regardless, Jimmy has now had the surgery and is hopefully resting comfortably while waiting for the rest of his future to unfold. With the Aaron Rodgers situation settled and Russell Wilson headed to Denver, Garoppolo and Deshaun Watson are the two best quarterback options left for teams that need a signal-caller. Considering all the baggage that comes with Watson, ol’ number 10 isn’t looking too bad - shoulder and all.

Expect the Commanders, Colts, Steelers, and possibly more to inquire, and a deal to be done fairly quickly.

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