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The Shanaplan: Why Jimmy Garoppolo wasn’t an option for the Commanders

We discuss that, and what Garoppolo’s trade value is

NFL-San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images

The NFL has a propensity to grab your attention year-round. For the next week or so, our eyes will be glued to the league as free agent negotiations have already begun.

The 49ers have already made a signing! Kidding, kind of. The team announced a one-year extension for backup center Jaken Brendel. The 29-year-old, who was scheduled to be a restricted free agent, played 76 snaps (70 on special teams) in 2021 while serving as C Alex Mack’s backup.

The Indianapolis Colts traded quarterback Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders earlier on Wednesday. Here was the compensation for the trade:

Colts get:

2022 third-round pick

2023 third-round pick that can become a second if Wentz plays 70 percent of plays.

2022 second-round pick

Commanders get:


2022 second-round pick

Was Jimmy ever in consideration for the Commanders?

During today’s episode of The Shanaplan, Akash and I discussed all things quarterback, starting with Jimmy Garoppolo’s value and if he was in consideration for the Commanders:

Martin Mayhew and Ron Rivera, a report came out last week, that they literally went on a day-long thing where they called every team offering them picks for their starting quarterback. Every team.

I’m sure there was some legitimate interest in Garoppolo. But, I think, to what you alluded to earlier, why would he want to go play for that franchise? For Dan Snyder, the owner. Just that team in general when there are other options on the table.

The no-trade clause goes away March 16 when the new league year begins. In theory, the 49ers could send him anywhere and Jimmy would have to oblige. But because of the relationship they have and what they’ve said publicly, the 49ers aren’t going to ship him somewhere where he doesn’t want to go.

They know how that looks PR-wise to other free agents and players on their team. They treat their own guys right. I think they’ll work with Garoppolo. I think he didn’t have any interest in Washington and the team said, “OK,” which caused Washington to move onto Plan B.

Kyle Shanahan wasn’t sending Jimmy to a franchise that he despises.

Mayhew, Washington’s current general manager, spent time with Garoppolo in San Francisco. He knows all about Jimmy’s character and intangibles.

The fact that Washington immediately elected to pay Wentz $28 million tells you the Commanders could have afforded Garoppolo’s current contract without re-working his deal.

Was there ever a chance of Garoppolo playing for Washington? Did he turn down a trade? For that and more, you can listen to the episode in its entirety below:

Other topics include:

What’s Jimmy’s value considering what the Colts got for Wentz? (4:40)

When will the trade happen? (7:09)

How Mitch Trubisky should drive Jimmy’s value up (8:12)

Who are the potential mystery teams for Jimmy? (11:10)

How realistic is a big-time cornerback like JC Jackson? (15:57)

What about Charvarius Ward? (20:34)

If Laken Tomlinson lives, how do the 49ers adjust? (23:58)

One reason to be optimistic about Javon Kinlaw (26:32)