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The Shanaplan: How Deebo Samuel’s agent factors into his contract situation

He has a couple of important clients that are also seeking extensions this offseason

During today’s episode of The Shanaplan, Akash and I discussed everything 49ers, including each angle surrounding Deebo Samuel. How much of Samuel’s agent factors into his situation as the narrative shifts? Here’s Akash:

“Tory Dandy, of CAA, represents Deebo Samuel, DK Metcalf, and A.J. Brown. If you’re Dandy, and they’re all done with their third season, and they don’t have the fifth-year option since they weren’t drafted in the first round, and they all are looking for contract extensions...

If you’re going in order, you’re trying to get the player who has the worst case for a contract extension paid first. Because that’s the floor for the other two guys' deal. Out of the three, I think Deebo has the worst case to be paid.

His high-end is as good as those two guys. But, across the three years, because of injuries, Deebo Samuel has been less consistent than those two guys. And I know A.J. Brown has been banged up and had surgeries. DK Metcalf has the most receiving touchdowns of any non-first-round receiver during the three years.

If you’re Dandy, you start with Deebo. Then, after that contract, you go to Tennessee or Seattle and say Deebo Samuel got “X” amount of money. Your player is better than Samuel. You have to pay him at least that.

That’s why the public pressure to get Deebo Samuel paid is a lot higher than it is for Brown or Metcalf. All three of these guys have to get paid. Yet, we only hear about Deebo. And what he’s doing on Instagram or what he’s saying or what his agency is saying.

Wouldn’t you think there would be the same urgency for all three? It seems like there’s this plan to get Deebo paid first. But I don’t think the Niners will get bullied. I think they’re just going to say, “we’ll see ya in July.”

On a scale of 1-10 on the conspiracy chain, where does this fall for you? It’s always interesting to take a different angle or look at the potential business side when talking about these deals.

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