What would you do if you were Jimmy?

What would you do if you were Jimmy and I mean besides date models and porn stars.

There's been a lot of talk of what teams including the Niners might do, but a lot less talk about what Jimmy should do at this point. Up to this point Jimmy hasn't really had decisions to make. He wasn't going to consider a restructure to his deal before the possible suitors all locked up other options. I think it's hugely unlikely that the draft changes anything. Because of the injury, there may be no urgency, but the time is coming pretty soon for Jimmy to decide on his next move.


1) Jimmy knows it's a hail mary effort see any of the money on his 2022 deal. There is maybe a dozen teams that would be willing to pay Jimmy his contract if their starter were to get injured, the Niners being one of those teams. So not that many teams are true options. It's not impossible for the hail mary to connect but the odds aren't at all in Jimmy's favor to see the $25M that isn't guaranteed

2) Kawakami and Branch are dead wrong. If the Niners hamstrung themselves through early FA with cap challenges only to cut Jimmy at the start of camp when his only value is still valid that is front office malpractice. If Trey gets injured during camp then the 2022 season could be a total loss. The only reason to have held Jimmy until now is as a trade chip if another team's QB gets injured or as an insurance policy for a Trey injury. That value will have real value right up until cutdown day.

3) The Niners should act in their own self interest. They shouldn't give a single snap to a QB in camp that has zero chance of being on the roster which is the case with Jimmy's current deal. Doubly so when that QB, if injured, will cost millions in an injury settlement. Every starter snap goes to Trey, of course, but backup snaps go to a QB that'll be on the roster. Jimmy can be on the roster during camp as a trade chip / insurance policy but he's wrapped in bubble wrap. Whatever excuse needed can be used. "We're being careful with his shoulder". "He knows this offense and can run it in his sleep". He's on the roster in name only. Only if Jimmy is willing to do a restructure is there a decision for the team to make about increasing his participation level in camp. Even then I get that some are against the angst that Jimmy as a backup would cause. We don't know what the team would think about Jimmy as a backup. Some comments make it seem like a possibility.

4) Jimmy should also act in his own self interest. That's obviously what he's doing despite some speculation that he's intentionally trying to hamstring the 49ers. He should definitely be interested in maximizing his contract for this year and for future contracts. He should be interested in competing for a starting role in 2022. He should be looking to find the best opportunity for his future beyond 2022. Does that mean holding out hope to see his 2022 money with the existing contract? Does that mean restructuring his deal before a deal to trade him is done to grease the wheels on a trade and have an opportunity to participate, at some level, in Niners camp? Does he wait and only restructure if a trade presents itself with the very possible risk he has no involvement in a training camp?

I really don't know what Jimmy is thinking to do, but it's an interesting question. It seems most expect him to just play it out and see what happens refusing to re-work his contract. The idea of being a FA after being cut may be Jimmy's best option if it were to happen before camp, but as I've said I don't think it goes down that way. That approach has a very likely end result of the worst case scenario for Jimmy getting cut on or near cutdown day without having any time in camp and any opportunity to compete for 2022. I think if I were him I'd be working hard to find a team that would let me compete for a starting job in camp on an incentive-based restructured deal. Then just before camp starts you bring a trade offer to the Niners front office and see if they bite. If I'm Jimmy I want to participate in camp, even if it's not a true competition to start and pretty much regardless of the team. My theory is that for that to happen, it has to start with Jimmy being willing to restructure his deal either before a trade or before camp.

Thoughts on Jimmy's next move?

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