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SB Nation Reacts: If the Panthers said you take Darnold, we take Garoppolo, do the 49ers say yes?

The catch is, the 49ers would have to take on 50% of Darnold’s contract

NFL: OCT 27 Panthers at 49ers Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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Let’s take a break from Deebo Samuel for 90 minutes and talk bout the quarterback. There’s still a $25 million man on the roster who is unlikely to play for the 49ers in 2022. Lost in the shuffle of the Deebo drama this week is Jimmy Garoppolo, who we haven’t heard much about as of late.

Garoppolo spoke for the first time Thursday morning on Sirius XM radio, saying he’s “feeling good with where he’s at,” as well as talking about how he’ll be ready for training camp. Jimmy added to what degree; he wouldn’t know. So, it sounds like there’s still plenty of uncertainty.

Let’s continue to play the hypothetical. Fast forward a week from now, when the NFL Draft has started. It’s in San Francisco’s best interest to move on from Jimmy, and the takers are still few and far between — except for the Carolina Panthers.

Draft picks are involved, but the only way Ron Rivera and the Panthers agree to take on Garoppolo’s contract is if the Niners take on a familiar name that we can’t seem to outrun — Sam Darnold.

Per Over the Cap, Darnold’s cap number is $18.8 million, so the Niners would be on the hook for roughly $9.4 of Darnold’s salary. Remember, it’s all about making these deals more palatable for both sides.

The Niners would hypothetically take on Darnold’s $9.4 million but could restructure his deal immediately and save money. Then, as we discussed last week, hope to flip him for a draft pick down the line.

It’s one option. It may not be the best. It could be the only one. What do you think? Do you take on Darnold’s contract, or do you continue to play the waiting game? Decisions, decisions.

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