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Golden Nuggets: The standoff continues

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, April 22, 2022

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Deebo Samuel trade would set precedent 49ers don’t want

“It does not appear to be as simple as a money issue. After all, the sides have not gotten far into negotiations, and there appears to be a relatively small window of the dollar amount he could be expected to make on an annual basis — in the $22 million to $24 million range.”

49ers reportedly offered this deal to Deebo Samuel, two sides remain far apart

“Multiple league sources tell me the Niners put a baseline contract offer on the table for Samuel, which averages just under $19 million per year,” wrote Pauline.

Branch: How the 49ers can change the course of an awful offseason (paywall)

“That’s still three months away. There’s time to mend fences with Samuel, move on from Garoppolo, address roster holes with nine draft picks and change the course of what’s shaping up to be an awful offseason.”

Jeff Darlington: Deebo Samuel not budging in standoff with 49ers

“I don’t get the sense that Deebo is going about this with animosity, but I do get the sense that he very much has his feet in the ground on this. I personally don’t see him budging. To your point, if some of those factors are things that the 49ers cannot rectify or remedy, that’s a difficult task to overcome.”

Damon Bruce reports 49ers haven’t made an offer to Deebo Samuel

“Even though there are stories to the contrary about an opening position the Niners put in front of Deebo Samuel, I have it from someone very close [to the situation] that the 49ers have yet to put an offer on the table,” Bruce said on-air Thursday. “And this isn’t a situation where they didn’t like an opening offer, thought that they were low-balled and insulted by that. The insult was basically in the Niners saying, ‘We’ll give you an extension when we’re good and ready, and you are our player until we say otherwise.’

Schrager: NFL GMs don’t believe the 49ers are trading Deebo Samuel

“I’ve texted a lot of the GMs of those teams that are mentioned [to be potential landing spots for Samuel],” Schrager said, “and you could list them 12 deep, and they’re like, ‘They’re not trading Deebo Samuel. Kyle would never trade him. He’s too important.’”

Schefter believes location a factor in Deebo Samuel requesting trade from 49ers

“I’m sure there are a multitude of factors as to why he would like to be traded,” Schefter said on-air (h/t TheSFNiners), “but I think one of them is the fact that he simply prefers to be closer to home, South Carolina; not out west in California. California, San Francisco chose him. He didn’t choose that. How many people leave school and go where they don’t have to go. Deebo’s in that situation. I think he’d like to be closer to home somehow.”

Jimmy Garoppolo would welcome being packaged with Deebo Samuel in 49ers trade

“I would do that in a heartbeat,” Garoppolo told Mark Carman on Stacking The Box. “I think that those things will take care of themselves, but I didn’t even think about that idea. That’s not bad.”

Lombardi: What if Alex Mack retires? A look at J.C. Tretter and other 49ers’ center options in the draft (paywall)

“The optimal path, with or without Mack, might involve setting up an apprenticeship at the center position for a rookie who can learn the complex position in hopes of eventually taking it over.

In an ideal world, the 49ers would be able to fortify their guard positions in the short term while also beginning to assuage longer-term concerns at center. That makes positional versatility especially valuable for a team facing such a diverse set of concerns up front.”

49ers held pre-draft virtual meeting with Stanford DT Thomas Booker

“Stanford’s Thomas Booker is a versatile defensive lineman who can be a disruptive player versus the run and the pass. Booker is a four-year contributor for the Cardinal, playing a variety of roles. He has aligned all around the defensive front, playing anything from 0-technique all the way to 9-technique. He is a good overall athlete with good lateral mobility and change of direction. In the passing game, Booker flashes an excellent first step to get upfield and stress offensive linemen’s edges. He has good length and demonstrates above average hands when rushing the quarterback. Booker can win with a bull rush when converting speed to power and has a nonstop motor. In the running game, Booker primarily wins with quickness and by using his long arms to stack and shed off blocks. He isn’t the most stout at the point of attack and can get pushed back at times. His best roles will either come as a 3-technique in a 4-3 or a 5 or 4i in a 3-4. His versatility and disruptive upside will be attractive for evaluators, but his lack of top-end power and strength may limit his ability to be a full-time player at the next level.”

49ers VP of player personnel Ethan Waugh expected to leave for Jaguars

“It sounds like Ethan Waugh’s role as the San Francisco 49ers’ vice president of player personnel will be short-lived. He was promoted from director of college scouting and football systems this offseason. According to ESPN’s Nick Wagoner, Waugh has an offer from Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Trent Baalke to serve as the team’s assistant general manager.”

Jones-Drew’s latest mock draft has 49ers trading Deebo Samuel to enter first round

“Welcome to the first round, San Francisco. Nice of you to join us,” wrote Jones-Drew. “I project the 49ers will occupy this spot after trading away Deebo Samuel to the Chiefs in exchange for one of their first-round picks (and more). With it, they nab [Arkansas WR Treylon] Burks to immediately fill the void.”