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Gold Diggers: Where does Vegas think Deebo Samuel plays next year?

Let’s hope they’re right!

Just about every fan base in the NFL has spent the last few days trying to convince itself that their team has enough capital to trade for Deebo Samuel. On today’s Gold Diggers podcast, Michelle Magdziuk and I looked at realistic expectations for a trade package, why San Francisco still makes the most sense, and what deals with specific teams could look like.

Here’s what our friends at DraftKings have to say on the subject. By an overwhelming margin, the 49ers are the heavy favorite to retain Deebo:

49ers: -205

Jets: +450

Eagles: +1000

Patriots, Bears: +1600

Ravens: +1800

Buccaneers, Chiefs, Chargers, Titans +2000

Bills, Packers, Browns: +2500

Saints, Cowboys, Falcons, Colts, Dolphins: +3000

Vikings, Steelers, Commanders, Panthers, Jaguars, Texans, Lions, Broncos, Bengals, Raiders: +5000

Giants: +7500

Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals: +10,000

Michelle’s favorite landing spot was actually Baltimore.

“I think it would be such a great idea for them to go all out. They have good weapons would be so nice for Lamar Jackson. They could be a scary offense and really take you over that line where you’re true, serious, Super Bowl contenders.

I think they can get it done because they have pick 14, and pick 76 - send those two picks over for Deebo and I think that makes sense for both sides.”

The Ravens also have pick 45, so clearly, Baltimore has enough draft capital if they want to get a deal done. Plus, they’re a more attractive destination for the 49ers than some other places because they’re in the AFC, so they check multiple boxes.

It still feels terrible to have to discuss Deebo Samuel playing for another team. At the very least, however, maybe some good can come out of it if you are able to win a little bit of money betting on what happens next.