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Golden Nuggets: This might be one of the weirdest draft weeks in a long time

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, April 25th, 2022

Things Get Awkward When Deebo Samuel Shuts Down Bottle Girls Holding ‘Deebo Is Staying’ Sign At The Club

“Over the weekend, Samuel was at a LA nightclub when a group of bottle girls walked in holding a ‘Deebo Is Staying #49ers’ sign. Samuel was seen in the back wanting no part with the bottle girls’ sign.”

Jets ‘all in’ on trading first-round pick for Deebo Samuel [report]

“A top 10 pick for Samuel seems pretty decent if the 49ers are resigned to trading him, but could they ask for more? The Jets reportedly previously offered second-round picks No. 35, 38 and their third-round pick No. 69 for Tyreek Hill, who eventually went to Miami for five draft picks (first-, second- and fourth-round picks in 2022 along with fourth- and sixth-round selections in 2023.)”

San Francisco 49ers reload coaching staff after another ‘brain drain’

“To help with all of it, the Niners took a page from Bill Walsh, who recorded every meeting his coaches led. It’s something the Niners have done under Shanahan, and it has served as a valuable tool in helping the revamped staff catch up. The hope is the new additions will get an idea of how Shanahan wants things done without robbing them of adding their personality into those meeting rooms.”

Deebo Samuel continues to be intent on leaving the 49ers

“While we still don’t know the precise reason(s) for Samuel’s trade request, the fact that it’s gotten to this point counts as a failure, at some level, by the team. Unless the sole reason is he doesn’t want to be in San Francisco, the 49ers could have said or done something to keep the relationship from disintegrating to this point. And even if it’s as simple as Deebo not wanting to live and work in California and nothing more, his decision to disclose his desire to seek a trade suggests that there’s a level of animosity that shouldn’t exist between an NFL team and such an important player.”

Branch: Why have 49ers done their best work deeper in the draft? (paywall)

“Dominik, Tampa Bay’s general manager from 2009-2013, said the 49ers’ later-round success reminded him of a system he introduced with his coaches late in his Buccaneers tenure.”

Branch: A year later, a different QB question hovers around 49ers (paywall)

“Potential draft plan: The 49ers could use one of their late-round picks — they have four in the final two rounds — on a potential No. 3 quarterback. A rookie who might have a chance to quickly absorb Shanahan’s offense? How about an Ivy Leaguer, Brown’s dual-threat E.J. Perry, who was the second player in school history invited to the NFL combine?”

5 prospects 49ers would run to the podium for in 2022 NFL Draft

“[Washington CB Kyler] Gordon, who had two interceptions and seven pass breakups last year, still has some work to do on the football IQ-part of the game. But his raw talent is surely there, and the Niners would be happy to capitalize on it if given the chance.”