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Golden Nuggets: Moving from the Deebo denial stage to acceptance

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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Hutchinson: Why trading Deebo Samuel could make sense for the 49ers

“An early first-round pick can provide a premium talent or an opportunity to trade back and acquire more picks. With Alex Mack’s future in question, they could move for the likes of Iowa center Tyler Linderbaum, an elite edge prospect, or take an early swing at replacing Samuel with the various receiving prospects in this draft.

If Samuel doesn’t want to stick around and the right offer comes in, the 49ers could re-tool for very cheap and add a heap of talent that matches up with Lance’s timeline. As incredible as Samuel is, it’s an enticing thought.”

NFL insider: Jets likely preparing offer for Deebo Samuel that 49ers “can’t refuse”

“There have been rumors tonight, that I cannot confirm, that the Niners have told Deebo Samuel that he can seek a trade,” Pauline told Trey Wingo on Tuesday (h/t TheSFNiners). “I don’t know about that, but I know this: The feeling inside the league is the Niners are listening to offers for Deebo Samuel, and the Jets are going to put together such a massive package for Deebo Samuel that the Niners are not going to be able to turn away. Everyone says that Kyle Shanahan would like to keep Deebo Samuel, but again, the feeling is what the Jets will offer—as they said in The Godfather—the Jets are going to make the Niners an offer they can’t refuse.

Panthers remain possible post-draft trade option for Jimmy G

“We’ll evaluate the whole landscape to see what’s out there,” Panthers general manager Scott Fitterer said Tuesday during a press briefing. “We’ll talk directly to different teams. We’re not just sitting here looking solely at the draft. We’re looking at every option.”

Why last-second draft deal likely only scenario 49ers trade Deebo

“Expect Samuel to remain a 49er past this weekend. But if a deal is to be made, it likely will be an on-the-clock blockbuster Thursday night. There’s no logical reason for it to happen at another time.”

Kyle Brandt explains why 49ers QB Trey Lance is the most pivotal player in the NFL

“So I just feel like the pendulum on Trey Lance, it dictates so much. If he’s got it, look the hell out. And I think we’ll know early. I think we’ll know in Week 2, Week 1 about, ‘Uh oh, I think maybe this guy should have stayed on the shelf another year.

A lot of great players. A lot of below-average players. I can’t think of one who’s going to swing more influence, and more wins and losses, and is more of a mystery than that dude, the second-year guy for the Niners.”

Barrows: 49ers draft options if they trade Deebo Samuel for a haul of early picks (paywall)

“But let’s say, for the purpose of this exercise, the 49ers do trade him. Let’s say they conclude he truly doesn’t want to be in San Francisco and that the combination of adding draft picks plus removing a hefty contract extension from future salary caps is worth parting ways.

Whom could the 49ers draft in that scenario? Let’s first take a look at their four biggest needs. Yes, they could stand to add a good tight end and they need more depth at running back and some other spots. But for the sake of this mockup, let’s narrow it down to four positions:”

49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo: I’ll be 100 percent by Week 1; Deebo Samuel is ‘different’

“I wish I could say I was [100 percent] now, but we’re working toward it,” Garoppolo said. “I think we’ll have a better idea down the road. We’ll get into summertime and start throwing, things like that. But, right now, we’re just trying to get back to the basics. Get this thing feeling right, get all the swelling out of there, things like that.”