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Golden Nuggets: Ahead of draft day, league buzz cools on Deebo getting traded

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, April 28th, 2022

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Maiocco: Things have seemingly gotten ‘personal’ between 49ers and Deebo Samuel

“This, seemingly, has gotten personal,” Maiocco said on KNBR. “I just don’t see how it could have gotten so personal when just two, three weeks ago Kyle Shanahan was raving – and this was away from cameras – raving about Deebo Samuel as a person and as a player, and his relationship with Deebo. How this could have gone south so quickly, I just can’t explain it at this point.”

ESPN provides updates on Deebo Samuel, Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers trade rumors

“Multiple teams are calling, and it’s believed San Francisco is at least listening,” Fowler wrote. “I’m told the Lions and Packers also have interest. As one source pointed out, ‘It would take so much for Kyle [Shanahan] to trade him to Green Bay,’ given the rivalry both in the NFC and between the two coaches, Shanahan and Matt LaFleur.”

Pelissero: NFL teams skeptical that 49ers will trade Deebo Samuel

“There are multiple teams that have attempted to engage with the 49ers and made offers,” Pelissero said Wednesday from Las Vegas, the sight of the draft. “Ian [Rapoport] mentioned the other day [that] two of the teams to watch would be the New York Jets and the Detroit Lions. But I continue to hear from people who know Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch well, the teams that have done some level of research into the situation, [they] are skeptical that the 49ers are actually going to trade him.”

49ers hosted Virginia S Joey Blount on pre-draft visit

“Joey is someone that’s really passionate about the game, someone that has football instincts,” Blount’s defensive coordinator at Virginia and current Vanderbilt defensive coordinator, Brent Howell, told Pro Football Network. “It’s innate to him. He just gets around the ball. He understands where the ball is going to be, and he’s there fast. He triggers fast. He sees stuff. He plays fast. He doesn’t hesitate. He’s a guy who loves the game and plays passionately. He was a really productive player. Every year, he made havoc plays.

49ers held pre-draft meeting with Wisconsin S Scott Nelson

“The 6-foot-2 and 205-pound Nelson had a 40-time of 4.49 seconds, a vertical jump of 39.50 inches, a broad jump of 126 inches, 14 reps in the bench press, a 6.80-second three-cone drill time, and a 20-yard shuttle time of 4.14 seconds at his personal Pro Day. At his school Pro Day, he had a 40-time of 4.69 seconds, a vertical jump of 35.40 inches, and a 20-yard shuttle time of 4.24 seconds.”

Sherman provides unique insight on Deebo trade saga

“Being in that locker room, being in that environment, I can’t see them letting him walk,” he said. “I can’t see them trading him away. I can’t see him doing anything but lining up for the San Francisco 49ers and playing football.”

Ian Rapoport provides update on status of potential Deebo Samuel trade

“It doesn’t seem like the 49ers have made moves toward any deal. They’ve had interest, they’ve had offers. The offers have been exactly what you’d imagine them to be. What’s interesting here is we kind of know the price. Because if you look at all the picks that Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams were traded for, it was around the value of the 13th overall pick. That’s the kind of basic value when you put all the picks together. Similar situation, similar position, same money, that’s probably what it should be. So the 49ers will have options, I just don’t get the sense that they’ve made moves toward that. “

Lombardi: 49ers asking for two first-round picks for Deebo Samuel

“They’re asking for two number ones,” Lombardi said on The Morning Roast. “If they’re asking for two number ones, that means you’ve got to give them two number ones, and then you’ve got to pay him 22, 23, 24 million [dollars] a year.”

49ers’ Deebo Samuel reacts to rumors regarding his desire to be traded

“Samuel posted the following message on his Twitter account Wednesday afternoon. While he didn’t get into the weeds regarding his status, it appears that Samuel feels that the reports regarding his future may not be coming from sources that are particularly close to the situation.”

Lessons learned: Analyzing the 5 worst 49ers picks of the Kyle Shanahan-John Lynch era (paywall)

“How’s he going to be against the Richard Shermans, the Brandon Browners, that type of corner?” McCloughan said when asked to assess the 2018 draft class. “Because they’ll take him out of his route right away.”

He was right. The wide-open spaces that Pettis exploited in the Pac-12 disappeared in the NFL. That was especially evident in the return game. Pettis averaged an astounding 20.4 yards per punt return in his final season with the Huskies. He’s averaged 3.2 yards per return in the NFL.”

49ers NFL Draft 2022: Why David Ojabo is best-case scenario at No. 61

“Ojabo jumps out at you on his game film with his speed, athleticism and his strength. In terms of physical prowess, he has every tool in the box. While he isn’t the best run defender in the world and his raw nature means he can sometimes go missing for stretches of games if a good offensive lineman shuts him out, there is a lot to work here for a team drafting him.”

5 reasons I’m concerned for 49ers QB Trey Lance

“I am concerned for Trey Lance. I am not concerned about Trey Lance. I believe the San Francisco 49ers’ second-year quarterback will be a star. He has the physical tools, the mental makeup, the drive, the intelligence, and all the other intangibles needed to be great. But I am concerned for Trey Lance, come training camp, if things unfold as it looks they may.”