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Report: Deebo to the Jets ‘ain’t dead yet’

Who would the 49ers consider drafting at No. 10 overall?

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

ESPN’s Rich Cimini covers the New York Jets and said Thursday morning that he’s hearing that Deebo Samuel being traded to the Jets “ain’t dead yet,” setting up the possibility of the ultimate draft-night drama. Cimini said it’s quite possible that both teams are waiting to see what’s available at No. 10 before pulling the trigger.

The NFL Draft odds suggest that either Aiden Hutchinson or one of the top offensive tackles will be who the Jets take with their first selection. At No. 10, New York would make a decision between Deebo Samuel and one of the top wide receivers. The Atlanta Falcons figure to take a wideout. That could be Garrett Wilson or Drake London. For New York, Deebo, even with a contract extension, is more valuable than a rookie.

In my opinion, the top wideouts in the draft resemble a WR2 more than a WR1. Knowing that, it’s easy to understand why New York values Deebo in this spot. They have the cap space, so extending Samuel isn’t an issue.

It’s more intriguing to look at this from San Francisco’s point of view. Who would fall to No. 10 for them to be willing to pull the trigger on a potential Deebo trade? Kayvon Thibodeaux could go as high as No. 2 or fall out of the top-10.

For my money, Thibodeaux’s the best pass rusher in the NFL Draft and would be a Nick Bosa-type of Christmas gift for the Niners. Thibodeaux's also on record that he doesn’t want to play for a California team due to the state income tax rate. California has the highest tax rate in the country at 12.3%.

Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton feels more like a luxury selection at No. 10 overall. Another pass rusher, Florida State’s Jermaine Johnson, could intrigue the 49ers. His dad was my next door neighbor for two years and I’m a Seminoles fan, so I’m quietly rooting for that outcome.

Which player do you think San Francisco has their eyes on? Would it shock if they took a different position such as offensive tackle or cornerback? I don’t believe wide receiver would be the direction the team goes with their first-round pick if we get there. Assuming the Jets would send one of their second-rounders, that would be the time to address receiver.

We’re going down the rabbit hole here, but a dream scenario for the 49ers would be to move up to No. 10, one of the offensive tackles falls, and the Saints trade up. That way San Francisco accumulates more picks and can a player in the teens who has the same if not better value than whoever they’d take at No. 10 overall.

Who do you think the Niners have their eyes on?