Last Minute Draft w/Deebo & Jimmy Trades

First, let me remind everyone of a few things. First, I'm no expert. Even when I was paying far more attention to draft prospects, I was still no expert. Second, remember this is just for fun. Even the so-called experts are never able to predict everything. Third and last, I will miss Deebo if he's traded, but I get that he is free to do as he pleases.

That being said, let's start with the big trades.


Deebo goes to the NYJets for often mentioned pics 1:10 and 2:3 (pick 35), along with the often mentioned WR Elijah Moore. I don't know if the Niners and Jets can come to an agreement. But, at this point, if it happens it will be a last minute trade based upon who's still available at 1:10 and what Lynch thinks he can get at that spot. In my opinion, if he gets that pick, I think he turns it around for more draft capital. But I would have no clue what that might look like. So, for now, we go with this.

Jimmy gets traded to Carolina for their fourth round pick this year 4:32 (pick 137) and 4th rounder next year. We might be able to make it a conditional 3rd if Jimmy plays X-number of games or something. But what does it matter at this point. I just want the cap space.


There are still some free agent signings that I'd like to see happen. I am, admittedly, not great at determining good free agents fits for our system. So I will just mention the following:

Resign: Dwelley (TE), Kerr (DL), T.Moore (S), & Tartt (S)

Sign an OG - I picked Erick Flowers but it could be any of the good OGs

Sign a CB - I picked PJ Williams but it could be any of the good CBs

There are other positions of need that could dip in Free Agency to back up TE or DL/Edge. But for now, we're good.

TRADES Part 2 (Draft Picks)

During the course of the draft a few other trades occurred, as follows:

1. Pick 3:29 (pick 93) to Baltimore for Picks 3:36 (pick 100) and pick 4:5 (pick 110).

2. Pick 4:5 from Balt. (pick 110) back to Balt (yeah, I know, they would never do that) for Picks 4:14 (pick 119) & 4:23 (pick 128)


Pick 1:10 from the NYJ - CB Derek Stingley LSU - One of the best, if not the best shutdown CB in this draft. Exactly what we've lacked on defense for few years now. Perhaps a surprise that we didn't take another Edge rusher, but that's coming.

Pick 2:3 from the NYJ - C Tyler Linderbaum Iowa - A deep surprise if he makes it this deep. But obviously there are scenarios where he goes this late. I could also see Lynch trading back up into the first round to take this guy. He's one of the best centers to come out in many years.

Pick 2:29 - DL Phidarian Mathis Alabama - This guys a monster inside. We talk about adding another edge rusher to bolster Bosa from the opposite side. And while that's something to pursue, often times we forget that when you place an interior DL next to a quality edge rusher it does much the same thing. Imagine Bosa, Armstead and Mathis...with whomever else we put at the edge.

Pick 3:36 - Edge Isaiah Thomas Oklahoma - And here's our next Edge Rusher. He has all the qualities and what's great is that he doesn't need Nick Bosa level talent. With those four guys and the backups we have, QBs will not have a lot of time to throw. And with Stingley, this could be one of the best 49er Defenses ever.

Pick 3:41 - WR Khalil Shakir Boise St. - Not blazing speed (4.43), but incredibly tough and athletic. Had 77 receptions and rushed 21 times his senior year. Adding options and depth to our WR corp.

Pick 4:14 - S Dane Belton Iowa - An in-the-box safety who handles the run very well and still has quality coverage skills (5 INTs and 7 PD)

Pick 4:23 - OG - Ed Ingram - LSU - By this time in the draft, we're not drafting for starters, only future prospects, back ups, or special teams. If Ingram isn't our choice here, because he's not known as a great run blocker, then we go with some other OG

Pick 4:29 - RB Tyler Badie Missouri - very fast, can turn the corner, catch passes and make defenders miss. Just what this offense likes.

Pick 4:32 - TE Chigoziem Okonkno Maryland - Great speed for the position, strong...can block or push the safeties off the WRs.

Pick 5:29 - LB Micah McFadden Indiana - One of any number of day 3 LBs we could draft for special teams and backup LB

Pick 6:8 - OT Vederian Lowe Illinois - One of several day 3 OTs who could be picked to add competition in camp.

Pick 6:41 - WR Tyquan Thornton Baylor - Super speedy WR. Doesn't have the hands but if he develops he could be the guy who blows the lid off the defense.

Pick 6:42 - S Yusuf Corker Kentucky - A body for competition and special teams.

Pick 7:41 - C Alex Lindstrom Boston College - a good body to have competing for interior line back up.

What I like best about this mock is that the defense becomes top three in the league which is what a new/young QB needs. He can afford to make a few mistakes and the defense will have his back.

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