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Lions also made an offer for Deebo Samuel before they traded up in the first round for a WR

Ian Rapoport thinks it is unlikely anymore that Samuel gets traded.

San Francisco 49ers v Detroit Lions Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport joined Pat McAfee’s show Thursday morning and spoke about a couple of teams that inquired about 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel. Rapoport started with the Jets offer, which we already knew about:

The Jets offered pick 10 and a pick-swap. So, basically like the equivalent of pick 13 and 14. So, pick 10 and a little less. And the 49ers wouldn’t do it.

The Lions had an offer on the table, but the 49ers wouldn’t do it. The 49ers just wouldn’t engage. I think everyone was like, ‘obviously, they’re going to do this deal. And they didn’t.

And now, he’s not happy. When is he going to show up? I don’t know. They’re going to try and make this better. But will they? There’s a lot more questions than answers on the Deebo Samuel situation now that he wasn’t traded.

And it didn’t even sound like they [49ers] engaged at all. 49ers were telling the truth.

Rapoport said he doesn’t believe anything has changed and that it’s unlikely Samuel gets traded anymore.

Detroit gave Minnesota picks 32, 34, and 66 to move up to No. 12. The Lions also received 46 in return. Assuming that’s what the offer was to the 49ers — and let’s say Detroit wanted to swap 66 for 61, there’s no way I’d take that for Deebo. The Niners needed at least a first-rounder in return, and they shouldn’t have been forced to give up 61 as part of the deal.

As for Deebo, this goes to show you that just because you ask for a trade doesn’t mean it’ll happen. I’m not sure if Rap Sheet is accurate in saying that he’s angry. It’s evident that the 49ers value Samuel highly. After turning down both trades, he’s more valuable to San Francisco than a top-15-ish pick.

I’d also add that the relationship could easily be amended as time goes on and a fair contract is offered. A.J. Brown’s contract extension is the ballpark where the Niners will operate. It should be worth noting that Brown’s cap hit for 2022 remains just under $4 million, so don’t expect Deebo’s to change for this upcoming season, either.