Raiders' Waller, Ferrell Meet Air Force Members Before Draft


At their place of business, which just happens to be Allegiant Stadium, Darren Waller and Clelin Ferrell welcomed 100 members of nearby Air Force bases for a Thursday pre-draft luncheon and discussion. Waller and Ferrell seemed as much or more in awe of the service members as the men and women of the military were of the two Las Vegas Raiders. Brought together by USAA, which sponsors the Salute to Service award given annually to an NFL player for his dedication to the military, both players spoke of their deep appreciation for what American soldiers do on a daily basis. There's the type of composure you have to have when danger is present," said defensive end Ferrell, the youngest of nine children of two military officers. "The experience of meeting people in the services, I'm a product of it. My dad would put on his uniform and shine his shoes daily, and then train soldiers to go to war. When I meet people in the military, they open up (because of his background) and it puts a good presence on the experience.