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SB Nation Reacts: Have the 49ers disappointed you this offseason?

The answers figure to be all over the place

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

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The 49ers’ offseason has been underwhelming when you compare it to other teams. There haven’t been any big named signings, nor has there been a blockbuster trade that we saw a year ago.

San Francisco didn’t make a splash this offseason for a few reasons. First, their salary cap situation didn’t allow them to throw money at potential fits. Remember, you have to overpay in free agency — head coach Kyle Shanahan admitted as much.

While the first reason will garner most of the attention — it’s hard not to when you realize who the main culprit is — we have to remember this team was a quarter away from the Super Bowl.

It’s natural for regression to hit after you make a deep postseason run. You won’t find many people picking the Bengals to make another run to the Super Bowl in the near future. The 49ers had a magical Super Bowl run in 2019. Their 2021 playoff run involved a bit more luck, but it also felt more plausible than two seasons ago.

So, after coming so close to a Super Bowl berth, why not make a push to upgrade the roster? We’ve seen teams like the Rams get around the salary cap. If the Niners wanted to sign a player, they would.

Fit and character are two traits we rarely discuss. Think about the 49ers when you watch their defense. The back-7 moves in unison, and that’s why it’s such a challenging task to move the ball up and down the field against that unit.

The real answer for the lack of signings that feature household names is the Niners believe they can get better value through the NFL Draft, and some answers could already be on the roster.

Picks No. 61, 93, and 105 all present value. If there’s a player on the board that the Niners believe will fall, John Lynch and the front office have shown zero issues with moving up. Additionally, adding a talent such as Javon Kinlaw to your defensive line provides a massive boost.

Then, you have the unknowns such as Aaron Banks, Jaylon Moore, and the potential return of safety Tarvarius Moore as Talanoa Hufanaga gains another year of experience. Fans want instant returns, and that didn’t happen during the first wave of free agency.

Because of that, this offseason could be viewed as a disappointment. Have the 49ers disappointed you this offseason?

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