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Golden Nuggets: National media dispels “underwhelming” rumor

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

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Associated Press

San Francisco 49ers’ looming questions include Deebo Samuel, Jimmy Garoppolo and Nick Bosa

“After making their move for Trey Lance last year, this was supposed to be a quiet offseason. It’s been quite the opposite, as the Niners still find themselves in the middle of some drama when it comes to receiver Deebo Samuel and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. With the bulk of offseason roster construction complete, plenty of work has been done but plenty more remains.”

Albert Breer weighs in on Trey Lance doubts, Deebo Samuel situation with 49ers

“The more I sniffed around over the last three or four months, my belief is that they feel confident that they can put Trey Lance out there, and he can start,” Breer explained. “Can he run Kyle Shanahan’s offense—the full breadth of Kyle Shanahan’s offense? That’s the question. And then, it’s how much—if he can’t run the whole thing—how much do they have to adjust?”

Lombardi: How 49ers’ Nick Zakelj rose from zero-star recruit to NFL Draft pick (paywall)

“He’s very similar to Kyle Juszczyk,” Conlin said of Zakelj. “He’s one of the smartest football players I’ve ever been around. Nick and Kyle are very similar in how they approach practice and how they think about the game. Those guys just absorb it. It’s very important to them. He’ll take care of his body. He’ll be a great asset.”

Branch: What the 49ers’ director of college scouting saw in team’s 2022 draft class (paywall)

“For a guy that has his speed, [Sonny Gray] was extremely fluid and had a talented lower-body looseness,” Ahmad said. “Where a lot of these (speed) guys are just straight-line linear guys. He has more route-running ability than some of those faster true X” wide receivers.

Creating the ideal 2022 San Francisco 49ers schedule

Week 16 vs. Buccaneers - Tom Brady on Christmas Day seems inevitable. I would bring the family to this game.”

Are the 49ers really underwhelmed by QB Trey Lance?

“Over the past three months, there’s been nothing but enthusiastic praise surrounding Trey Lance’s mental makeup, ability to make plays and overall potential as he heads into an offseason where he will take a majority, if not all, of the first-team reps during the early part of the offseason program. While he may underwhelm, there currently doesn’t appear to be a notion that Lance has been “continually underwhelming” to date.”

Is former 49ers QB coach Rich Scangarello one of the sources for Matt Lombardo’s Trey Lance tweet?

“Now obviously, Lombardo didn’t reveal his sources, nor would or should he, but there are definitely some dots that we can connect, especially when it comes to the “couple of members of the coaching staff” that he spoke to.”

49ers should feel confident about their chances in 2022

“As we approach the beginning of a new NFL season with 32 championship-hungry teams, we’re going to explore the different paths San Francisco has to take in order to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.”