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Golden Nuggets: Is Trey Lance the lucky charm for other Bay Area teams?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

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Former GM Scot McCloughan evaluates Drake Jackson and the 49ers’ draft class (paywall)

“He has traits you can’t teach,” McCloughan said. “That’s the get-off, that’s the flexibility, that’s the foot quickness, that’s the length. I liked him a lot off the tape this year from the standpoint of athleticism, flexibility, ability to re-direct and ability to get to the quarterback.”

What McCloughan didn’t like as much was that Jackson would disappear for stretches of the game. And that he wasn’t robust against the run. And that his weight fluctuated during his three seasons at USC.”

Nguyen: How 49ers top 3 draft picks can round out already well-defined roster (paywall)

“Jackson, Davis-Price and Gray will not be expected to become instant starters but they will be asked to play a role as they develop. They each have skill sets that the 49ers lacked before the draft and could help round out the team. Barring injury, the top three picks shouldn’t have great production this season but a modest contribution from each could go a long way for an already well-defined roster.”

Scouting Samuel Womack, 49ers’ disruptive new DB, via Toledo coach Jason Candle (paywall)

“The No. 1 thing that you can’t judge off tape is the level of competitiveness. I think at corner, there’s different levels to how much action you have in particular games. When you’re the best cover guy in our league and you have all the success he’s had, you don’t get a lot of balls thrown to you. And he still led the league in pass breakups the last two years. He’s done a great job of competing in tough situations for the football.”

49ers’ 2022 schedule among the toughest in strength-of-schedule rankings

“San Francisco’s upcoming opponents went 154-135 in 2021. The team’s schedule will include seven matchups against opponents coming off a playoff appearance (Rams twice, Cardinals twice, Chiefs, Buccaneers, Raiders). Those opponents had a total winning percentage of .533 in 2021, which is good enough to tie with the Kansas City Chiefs as the fifth-toughest schedule based on the opponents’ winning percentage (strength of schedule).”

Richard Sherman: I think Jimmy Garoppolo will be with the 49ers during training camp

“I think he’s going to be on the team during training camp,” Richard Sherman said on his latest podcast. “I think he’ll be more of a safety valve, and a really expensive safety valve, but safety all the same. I think they’re going to give Trey Lance an opportunity to start in ball games. I think they want to see it.

Cohn: Chris Simms Says the 49ers are Scared to Start Trey Lance

“Anybody you talk to who saw training camp last year,” Simms said, “either that was part of the 49ers staff or when they went and worked with the Los Angeles Chargers and you hear people who witnessed those practices, there had to be concerns coming out of San Francisco early on in the year last year. I know there was. There were too many people who were like, ‘Man, the ball is everywhere; man, he’s not ready yet.’ That’s got to scare them to a degree.”

Branch: 49ers’ mailbag: Impact rookie? Garoppolo to Seattle? Ebukam off the team? (paywall)

“My sense is those other guys will battle for roster spots and the 49ers view Bosa, Ebukam and Jackson as a potentially formidable threesome.”

Terrell Owens calls cause of Deebo Samuel-49ers rift ‘unfortunate’

“I’ve talked to him personally. I know what’s going on,” Owens said before his Fan Controlled Football game over the weekend. “I know what transpired. Until he’s ready to say what happened with that situation, I just keep that between us. But it’s unfortunate.”