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Golden Nuggets: Can the Chicago game hurry up already??

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, May 13th, 2022

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49ers announce 2022 regular season schedule, includes five prime time games

“The 49ers open their season on the road at Chicago, a trip that also coincides with the San Francisco Giants visiting the Cubs at Wrigley Field. The 49ers will play their home opener the next week on Sunday afternoon vs. the Seattle Seahawks.”

San Francisco 49ers’ 2022 schedule: Trey Lance can ease into season

“If, as expected, Trey Lance takes over at quarterback, this is a difficult slate for a first-time starter. There are plenty of tough matchups and the maximum amount of prime-time contests (five). The good news for Lance and the Niners is the early season offers a couple games to get his feet wet before diving into the deep end. What’s more, the Niners only travel to the Eastern Time Zone or Central Time Zone once after Week 6 (the game in Mexico City). If Lance shows steady improvement as the season goes on, he should be rounding into form when the Niners get the benefit of playing five of their final seven games at home in what they hope will be a postseason push.”

49ers Notebook: Brock Purdy’s draft surprise, Tariq Castro-Fields on his NFL readiness, and more

“The whole round it was a little suspenseful with if I’m going to be taken or not,” Purdy said. “Then sure enough, when the 49ers were on deck, I got a call from San Francisco. I actually went into my parents’ room, took the call and came out and told everyone it was another free agency call just in case I didn’t get drafted. So that’s why everyone erupted. I didn’t tell them right away that I got drafted. I waited until my name came up on the screen. We had fun with it.”

Maiocco’s game-by-game predictions for 49ers’ 2022 season

“49ers finish second in the NFC West, behind the Rams, with an 11-6 record.”

Why 49ers rookie C Dohnovan West might’ve gone undrafted

“Speaking to the media for the first time as a 49er, West dove into the surgery he had for the torn ligament in his thumb earlier in the offseason, which he apparently sustained during his freshman season.”

49ers rookie Danny Gray prepared for Trey Lance after practicing with “legend” in offseason

“I worked out with Colin Kaepernick. He has [a bazooka] too. That workout was pretty great, so I think I’m up for the task [of catching fastballs from Trey Lance].”

Lombardi: San Francisco 49ers schedule 2022: Opener in Chicago and 5 prime-time games (paywall)

“Weeks 7, 8 and 10 present three games against opponents with formidable rosters. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs visit Levi’s in that reprisal of Super Bowl LIV on Oct. 23, the 49ers head to SoFi Stadium to face the Rams on Oct. 30 and the Chargers — fresh off a flurry of high-profile offseason acquisitions — come to the Bay Area on Nov. 13.”

Branch: 49ers’ schedule: Weekly breakdown, starting with Bears on Sept. 11 (paywall)

“The Bears are coming off a 6-11 season and have a new head coach, Matt Eberflus. If it looks like a gimme game, it’s one of the few potential layups on the schedule: The 49ers’ strength of schedule, based on the 2021 records of their 2022 opponents, is tied for the fifth-hardest in the NFL (154-135, .533).”

Branch: Appropriate 49ers’ response to NFL schedule makers? Thank you (paywall)

“A less than daunting opening for their new 22-year-old starting quarterback, a well-placed midseason bye and an end-of-season stretch that includes little travel and three straight home games?”

Herm Edwards says 49ers have a contributor in Arizona State’s Dohnovan West

“In his four seasons with the Sun Devils, Edwards has worked to hybridize his defense by implementing NFL-style X’s and O’s. With the varied alignments that ASU’s unit has presented, West — who started at both guard spots in 2019 and 2020 before taking over full time at center in 2021 — has been confronted with schematic responsibility that has theoretically prepared him for the next level.”

49ers great Steve Young opens up on mental health and his struggles with anxiety

“But I was nervous because Reggie was an older guy who was around for all the Super Bowls and all that. He’s the king. I was nervous. I’m like, ‘Ah, I don’t know how to do this. What am I going to say?’

“And finally, I just pulled him into a dark corner … into this little recess of Candlestick Park where you could feel something dripping on you, probably beer.”

The scene wasn’t exactly the warm embrace of the psychiatrist’s couch, but it was good enough for Young to finally just let it all out. The not sleeping. His racing mind. The increasing panic whenever game day approached.

The grizzled football doc reacted in a way Young never expected. Klint soothed him with compassion, empathy and a clear path of instructions. He directed Young to immediately see his friend Dr. Stanley Fischman, who specialized in child psychology and had a small office in Mountain View.

“Reggie said, ‘Steve, what you’re suffering from is undiagnosed severe childhood separation anxiety,’’’ Young recalled. “I’ve been playing pro ball for five, six, seven years, you know? I was like, ‘What? What are you talking about?!?’