Season Prediction after Schedule Release

Nobody actually knows what's going to happen this year, but it's fun to create a narrative. Enjoy!

Week 1 @ Bears- WIN 31- 17

The Bears are rebuilding. Trey Lance has his first start in his second season that is reminiscent to Kaepernick's first career start against the Bears in which he looks surprisingly spectacular. Multiple big completions down the field and he picks up some first downs with his legs. The Lance haters have to bite their tongue.

Week 2 vs Seahawks- WIN 16- 10

Again, the Seahawks are rebuilding, but Pete Carrol's teams do a good job of committing to the run and playing physical, mistake free defense. Niners are happy to get out of this game with a W after struggling offensively in a physical rivalry game. Lance looks 22 years old, but the upside is still apparent.

Week 3 @ Broncos- WIN 28- 24

Shanahan proves once again that, if you come from his coaching tree (through LaFleur), you will a hard time beating the Niners. DeMeco Ryans has experience coaching against Russell Wilson and contains him to 24 points. This is an exciting battle that comes down to the end with a red zone stop by the Niners Defense. Brandon Aiyuk begins to receive national recognition, and a ton of Fantasy Football waiver pickups, after showing that he is the Niners true #1 WR on SNF.

Week 4 vs Rams- LOSS 17- 24

The reigning Super Bowl champs continue to show that they are the best team in the league. Lance looks visibly frustrated at the OL as this is his first battle against the greatest defensive player of all time. Shanahan is pissed in the post-game presser because he gets asked a question about his "luck against McVay potentially running out".

Week 5 @ Panthers- WIN 34- 6

Sam Darnold is seeing ghosts against a Niners Defense that is hungry after losing on MNF. Trey Lance rips off a 60 yard touchdown run on a zone read with Juice as a lead blocker for the QB. This clip is played on ESPN every day until the following Sunday. Panthers wish they would've picked up Jimmy G.

Week 6 @ Falcons- WIN 27- 13

Mariota is still starting, but not for long as the Niners D continues their impressive season. Fred Warner gets a pick six and we realize that his "down year" was an anomaly, not the norm. Trey Sermon has his first 100 yard game of his career, looking like the physical back he was in college for the first time since entering the NFL.

Week 7 vs Chiefs- LOSS 28- 17

The Chiefs have shown that they don't need Tyreek Hill to score points. Trey Lance misses a post to Aiyuk to tie the game up at 21 late in the 4th quarter, so Shanahan opts for the field goal. The media criticizes Shanny for being too conservative while the Jimmy G lovers all point as say "SEE! We should've stuck with JIMMY!!!"

Week 8 @ Rams- LOSS 13- 28

Doom index appears on Niners Nation. This was a rough loss that the fans and players really wanted, but the Rams defense continues to overwhelm the Niners run game. Bobby Wagoner still looks like an all-pro. Deebo throws a fit to the media about how the Niners aren't using him correctly, despite having two drops and getting locked up by Ramsey.

Week 9- BYE

Good time to reevaluate what the Niners need to get better at in the run game and in pass pro. Shanny looks deep into which throws and reads work best for Trey.

Week 10 vs Chargers- WIN 31- 24 (OT)

After trading Deebo Samuel to the Houston Texans for their 2023 1st pick and Rookie John Metchie III (who is off to a decent start), the Niners were projected to be giving up on the season. Instead, they have the most impressive win of the year coming off of the BYE. Trey Lance throws a balanced attack to Aiyuk, Kittle, Juice, and Metchie. Trey then throws apparent "shade" at Deebo to the media after the win, saying " I just love that we have a locker room full of guys that want to be here, we play for each other and that's what makes this team special".

Week 11 @ Cardinals- WIN 28- 14

After losing Chandler Jones, the Cardinals struggle to generate pass rush against an improving Niners OL. Kittle has a monster 200 yards receiving with 3 TD's. Kittle generates the most jersey sales in Mexico for a month after the Niners look great in Mexico City.

Week 12 vs Saints- WIN 20- 16

The Dennis Allen led Saints have surprised people through the year, playing solid defense and limiting turnovers by Jameis Winston. However, the Niners are just the better team and scrape out a win at home when Jameis throws an interception to Ambry Thomas on the Saints final drive.

Week 13 vs Dolphins WIN 24-0

After Tua Tagovailoa shows that he just does not possess the physical traits to be an NFL QB, the Dolphins pick up free agent Jimmy Garoppolo, who returns to SF only to leave Miami fans dissatisfied and still looking for their franchise guy. Fred Warner, Dre Greenlaw, and Azeez Al-Shaair all have interceptions as DeMeco and Shanahan are seen laughing and high-fiving on the sideline. Their ingenious plan to cover the middle of the field and the flats stumps former Shanahan protégé Mike McDaniel.

Week 14 vs Buccaneers LOSS 28- 14

The Niners are humbled once again after the G.O.A.T throws 4 TD's against his former team. Trey admits to the press that he thinks "those guys might be better than we gave them credit for, I can't wait to see them in the post-season".

Week 15 @ Seahawks WIN 24-3

The first matchup was much more competitive, but the Seahawks are now recognized as the bottom feeder of the league in 2022. It looks as if Carrol's plan all along was to tank this season with Drew Lock in order to get a QB in the 2023 Draft.

Week 16 vs Commanders WIN 17- 13

The Commanders' front seven is stout against a run dependent Niners team, but Trey makes enough plays to Aiyuk, Kittle, and Co. to come out with the W. At this point in the year Carson Wentz has been benched for Taylor Heinicke for being a "me guy".

Week 17 @ Raiders WIN 35- 28 (OT)

The Raiders are much improved after bringing in big time free agents and offensive mind Josh McDaniels. This is a barn-burner that gains national recognition for being the 'best game of the year". Trey Lance goes 28-35 for 400 total yards and 4 total TD's and Colin Cowherd makes the "bold" statement on Monday that "Trey Lance is the real MVP of the league".

Week 18 vs Cardinals WIN- 31- 17

The Cardinals falter in Levi's and look bad doing so. Kyler Murray is seen screaming at his coach Kliff Kingsbury on the sidelines in the 3rd quarter. Deandre Hopkins walks to the locker room with 6 minutes left in the game, being quoted "it's not the way I wanted this year to end, but there's no way I ever gonna play another down for this dysfunctional franchise". Elijah Mitchell looks primed for the playoffs after being banged up earlier in the yea, giving the Niners an explosive backfield made up of Mitchell, Sermon, and Davis-Price on short yardage.

Overall record- 13-4. 2nd best record in the NFC but a Wildcard because the Niners finish 2nd in the division to the 14-3 Rams.

The Niners then go on to beat the Packers, Bucs, and Rams in the Playoffs. Then win RING NUMBER 6 against the Kansas City Chiefs as Trey gets 250 passing yards solely on his 5 post routes. Trey Lance wins SB MVP, beating the regular season MVP Mahomes in a legendary 31-28 matchup.

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