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49ers in Five: Rookies don’t lack for confidence

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

The 49ers’ 2022 draft class got their first taste of life in the NFL at rookie minicamp, and we got our first taste of them at the microphone. One thing’s for sure; they don’t lack for confidence.

“I’m going deep,” speedster Danny Gray said, “I’m taking the top off of the defense. I’m elite in open space. I can turn the speed on at any time. My speed is natural. It’s just there, and you see it through everything I do on the field.”

Don’t be fooled. However, Gray knows the importance of blocking in Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

“No block, no rock,” he said.

I have a feeling we’ll be hearing/saying that again in the future.

Running back Ty Davis-Price was also similarly sure of himself when asked about his strength at the end of games.

“It doesn’t matter when it is. I’m going to go off whenever I need to. [Defenders] don’t want to keep tackling you. Eventually, they get tired, but I’m not gonna get tired. I can do the same thing all game.”

Davis-Price ran track in high school and was asked if his speed gets overlooked, given his size for a running back.

“I’ll say probably overlooked a little bit, but they can overlook all they want. I’m gonna be going down the sideline.”

Finally, second-round pick Drake Jackson did all he could to contain himself on draft night after a message from Nick Bosa.

“I wanted to text him that night, draft night. Just figure out, pretty much, the answers to the test. You’ve got that guy right next to you that’s been doing it. It’s like I get the answers. I definitely want to learn and try to stay behind those guys that’s been doing it. Arik Armstead, he’s a freak, too.”

Obviously, we have a long way to go before we know how good any of these players will be, but it does seem like the 49ers specifically wanted a certain mindset when making their draft picks. This is a locker room that is full of guys ready to come out onto the field and physically grind their opponent into dust.

This season could be a lot of fun to watch.

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