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Golden Nuggets: Six Days Until Danny Gray Practices Again

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

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Steve Young weighs in on the narrative that 49ers’ Trey Lance isn’t ready

“Now, what I do worry about—but it’s still early, so I don’t know—is his sense of accuracy,” Young continued. “The sense of, ‘My brain knows where to go with the ball, but my arm’s not necessarily cooperating.’ And that’s the biggest ... as we get into the Trey Lance issues, that’s the issue that I really want to focus on this summer and as he gets into the fall, playing. ... Because I do believe that he has the ability to kind of find the open guy, and the processing power you worry about. He has that.”

Ross Tucker believes 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo to Panthers remains a possibility

“Tucker added: “Once July comes around, once it gets real with Jimmy’s health and with Baker Mayfield reporting to training camp ... I think it will sort itself out, probably with Baker going to Seattle and Jimmy going to Carolina.”

Jaguars poach 49ers VP for assistant GM role behind Trent Baalke

“He spent four years as the 49ers’ midwest regional scout, three years as the team’s senior personnel assistant, three as senior player personnel coordinator and then another three as director of college scouting and football systems before making it to vice president.

As Breer reports, it gives the 49ers’ leadership structure a bit more clarity and, with Adam Peters as assistant general manger and Ran Carthon as director of player personnel.”

Cohn: Honest First Impression of Danny Gray

“Before we know just how good Gray can be, we need to see him face the 49ers’ veteran cornerbacks in training camp. We need to see Gray play 11-on-11 scrimmages, not just 7-on-7s. We need to see him catch Trey Lance’s fastballs, not just Brock Purdy’s wiffle balls.

But after one tremendously successful rookie minicamp practice, it seems fair to expect Gray to develop into a quality backup wide receiver who could start in a pinch — think a taller Marquise Goodwin.”

49ers schedule: 3 biggest trap games San Francisco faces in 2022

“The Niners should win, but don’t discount the idea of the Bears being a tougher opponent than people think for the kickoff game of the season.”

Way-too-early predictions for 49ers 2022 schedule

“We went through game-by-game on the 49ers’ 2022 schedule to try to predict the winner and the score of each contest. We’re assuming good health and, for the 49ers’ purposes, that Trey Lance is the team’s Week 1 starter.”

Branch: Why 49ers’ offseason might excite Aaron Donald and make Trey Lance groan (paywall)

“Consider that if Mack doesn’t return, this is a plausible projection of the 49ers’ starting interior: Aaron Banks (left guard), Brunskill (center) and Jaylon Moore (right guard). Banks and Moore are 2021 draft picks whose debut seasons weren’t wildly successful. As for Brunskill, the 49ers drafted Banks in the second round to replace him, a modest task he failed to accomplish last year.”

Barrows: 49ers’ Brock Purdy had brushes with Nick Saban, cactus on his way to the NFL (paywall)

“During that season, he showed everything that caught the 49ers’ eye in the recent NFL Draft. Purdy was accurate and in control, connecting on 65 percent of his passes. More than that, he routinely turned plays that seemed dead in the water into first downs and scores. Purdy often uses the word “craftiness” when asked to describe his strengths. To hear his former coaches, “craftiness” didn’t always cut it. Sometimes he seemed like Houdini.”