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Question of the day: Do the 49ers win 13+ games or miss the playoffs?

So far, fans believe the answer is 13+ games

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Another day on the internet, another “source” from a national pundit that says the 49ers are worried Trey Lance isn’t ready, doesn’t trust him, or something along those lines since Jimmy Garoppolo remains on the roster. Ignoring the team telling us they attempted to trade Jimmy G., but that blew up once Garoppolo decided to have surgery on his shoulder.

Welcome to the offseason, where we ignore what coaches told us a couple of months ago and try to create unnecessary drama. Of course, we’ve never heard these “sources” explain why or give examples, just that Lance is struggling. So, expect another two months of non-sense until training camp starts.

Turning the page, on Tuesday, ESPN gave the 49ers a 39% chance to make the playoffs. We’re seeing more analysts give out their record predictions. Fox Sports Nick Wright, who has some takes, to put it mildly, predicted the 49ers would go 14-3 this upcoming season.

So, with a first-year starting quarterback, an offensive line with multiple unknowns, and new faces all over the coaching staff, Wright believes the Niners will be better. Winning 14 games would mean the 49ers go on multiple five-game winning streaks. The Garoppolo/Lance and Alex Smith/Patrick Mahomes comparisons would come to life.

Today’s question of the day is what’s more likely, do the 49ers miss the playoffs or win 13 games? The replies on Twitter suggest that fans aren’t being sensible, but the results suggest otherwise:

For now, it’s a 60/40 split that favors the Niners winning 13+ games. Are the fans living in La-La land? Or does this reflect how wide open the NFC is?