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Golden Nuggets: Trey Lance Enrolls In Tight End University, via George Kittle

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Saturday, May 21st, 2022

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49ers’ George Kittle: Trey Lance Does Things at Practice That ‘Mind Boggle’ Me

“Once this kid gets a lot of reps, just watch out, because some of the things I’ve seen him do in practice kind of mind boggle me, so I’m waiting for it,” Kittle said.”

49ers overreactions: What future holds for Lance, Deebo in 2022

“Mahomes improved each season of his college career, culminating with a 65.7 completion percentage in his final year at Texas Tech in 2016.

In Lance’s only season as the starter at North Dakota State, he completed 66.9 percent of his attempts. This should alleviate some concerns about Lance’s ability to throw a catchable ball. His offensive teammate in college didn’t seem to have much difficulty hauling in his high-velocity throws.”

49ers’ Trey Lance among QBs to join George Kittle, others at TEU in June

“I’ve got three [quarterbacks] confirmed for you,” Kittle told Florio. “I’ve got my guy, C.J. Beathard. I’ve got my guy, Nick Mullens. I’ve got my guy, Trey Lance. He’s coming down to TEU. ... Zach Wilson is at about 99 percent. He’s trying to decide if he wants to come back from Cabo or not. I was like, ‘Zach, you’re going to come back from Cabo.’ ... And then the last one I’m working on: Josh Allen is trying to see if he can make it work.”

George Kittle impressed by Trey Lance’s progress, says 49ers QB benefitted from Jimmy Garoppolo

“I think it’s consistently gotten better, but you could see — like, Jimmy G is a professional through and through,” Kittle continued. “Jimmy G takes notes every single meeting. He asks questions every meeting. He’s in his books. And I think once Trey saw that, he’s like, ‘Oh, I need to do all that and more.’

George Kittle spoke with Deebo Samuel, says 49ers WR is ‘in a good place’

“I actually talked to him a few days ago,” Kittle said on The Pat McAfee Show. “Yeah, he seemed like he was in a good mood. He was hanging out with his kid, who he just had. ... I didn’t ask about his contract, so we were just talking about other things, where he’s training at, and we ended up talking about sneakers for a little bit because we both are sneakerheads. So that was our entire conversation, but he seems like he’s in a good place.”

49ers preseason schedule dates and times released

“August 12 vs. Green Bay Packers at 5:30 pm

August 20 at Minnesota Vikings, 4:00 pm

August 25 at Houston Texans, 5:00 pm”

A Former NFL Player’s Assessment of Ty Davis-Price

“Now, the player, I like him. I think he fits what Kyle Shanahan wants. He puts his foot in the ground and gets north right now. There are some things he does that reminds me of Frank Gore. I remember watching Gore run and he turned a play that was blocked up for one yards, he turned into a three- or four-yard gain. And with Davis-Price I saw some of that where he was able to dip and get skinny through the A or B gaps, and then once he gets through there, he has enough speed and power and mass to be able to run through defenders at the second level. Because of his size and speed, a lot of people really didn’t want to tackle him in the open field, so he would make guys miss. He’ll run through arm tackles. His vision is terrific. So I like the pick if you’re telling me they brought him in to compete with Elijah Mitchell for the starting spot or maybe even take it. So overall, I like the player better than I like the value.”

Trey Lance and the mystery of ‘arm fitness’

“I have never heard that about a QB, only pitchers,” Pandya said. “QBs can definitely hurt their shoulder, but in the absence of some structural issue, they don’t throw enough or fast enough to have general durability issues. That’s why you don’t see QBs getting Tommy John surgery.”

Lombardi: How Tariq Castro-Fields’ persistence at Penn State intrigued the 49ers (paywall)

“He’s such a smart guy,” Smith said. “He knew the system. For his entire time here, we ran the same system. So he knew it like the back of his hand. He took on a leadership role and managed and taught all the young guys coming in. … Things as simple as how to manage me as a coach, what are my quirks? And how to not overreact on certain ways of being coached in the room.