53 Man Roster Time!

OK. So not really. It's obviously way premature, so instead of calling this a prediction I'm just going to admit it's me being bored at the moment and playing around. This roster is fueled more by me thinking it would be cool to see than it is me thinking it'll happen. So time to jump right in, no frills.

Offense 25

QB (2) - Lance, Sudfeld

PS - Purdy

RB (4) - Mitchell, Wilson, Davis-Price, Sermon

PS - Mason (one of my dark horses to make the 53)

FB (2) - Juice, Poe (Here's where my fun starts)

WR (6) - Deebo, Ayuk, Jennings, Gray, McCleod, Martin (UDFA reminds me of Bourne, a lot)

PS - Malik Turner

TE (2) - Kittle, Warner (Keep in mind 2 FB's)

PS - Matthews

OL (9) - Williams, Banks, Mack, Moore, McGlinchey, Brunskill, Skule, Zakelj, Burford (Again, remember Poe here)

PS - Brendell, McKivitz, West

Defense 25

DL (10) - Bosa, Jackson, Turray, Ebukam, Armstead, Kinlaw, Ridgeway, Hurst, Omenihu, Willis

PUP - Davis

Trade - Givens to the Jets for a 7th (maybe a 6th based on incentives)

PS - Slayton, Barrett, Atkins

LB (4) - Warner, Al-Shaair, Gemmel, Burk (I think we'll continue to see 3 Safety packages more and more)

Trade - Greenlaw to the Dolphins for a 5th

PS - Olumbu

DB (11) - C Ward, Mosely, Verrett, Thomas, Womack, J Ward, Hufanga, Odum, Moore, Castro-Fields, Lenior

PS - Barnacle, Dennard, O'Neal, Hawkins

Specialists (3) - No need to spell it out (does Poe punt?)

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