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The Shanaplan: Multiple 49ers players have shown support for Javon Kinlaw

It might not seem like much, but vocal support for Kinlaw could be a big deal for him

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

By now, you’re aware of the Javon Kinlaw fiasco. More and more 49ers players have spoken out Tuesday morning:

There will inevitably be a part of (every) fanbase that is OK with the way Grant reports on the 49ers. So, despite Taybor’s efforts, Cohn’s style isn’t going anywhere as he’s often rewarded for his schtick.

Getting a view from the players' perspectives, they’re fed up. And it’s easy to see where they’re coming from:

Armstead isn’t the only team captain that has spoken out. George Kittle was the most recent player:

Kittle’s point is that we all have a right to free speech, but organizations such as the 49ers have a duty to protect their employees from harassment. Unfortunately, in this case, Cohn has gone after multiple players in a way that comes off as anything but journalism or reporting.

I appreciate how the team is rallying around Kinlaw and sticking up for him. This is a massive season coming up for Kinlaw, who has been in the 49ers building rehabbing since the beginning of the year. So, knowing your teammates have your back vocally has to mean a lot for Kinlaw.

Rob had a lengthy thread on Twitter with Quaski, which was surprisingly civil given how most threads end up.

During today’s episode of The Shanaplan, Rob and I discussed each angle, from why Kinlaw decided to hop on a stream with Grant to what’s the next step for the 49ers' PR department and how they handle Kinlaw.

Here’s Rob on why he thinks Kinlaw spoke to Grant a second time:

“I think part of it is he was clearly frustrated with Grant. Whatever he was hoping for with his interaction at the facility, I don’t think he got, so he felt like it was some sort of unfinished business.

I think the other side of this is Javon Kinlaw is not the only player that has a problem with Grant Cohn. Arik Armstead does, clearly. I’m sure they’ve talked to one another before this about Grant. They probably talked after the incident at the facility.

Javon said in the stream, ‘I’m doing this because you need to be called out.’ He probably felt like he was doing this for some of the other players on the team who have ap problem with Grant.”

We spent about 16 minutes discussing the topic from all angles. For the entire conversation, you can listen below:

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