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Actor Cameron Britton sits down with Niners Nation

The Mindhunter and Umbrella Academy star is a die hard 49ers fan

They say those that do what they love never work a day in their lives, and this week that’s definitely true for me. Through sheer luck, I connected with Mindhunter and Umbrella Academy star Cameron Britton on Twitter and found out he is a huge 49ers fan. So much so, in fact, that he decided to join me on today’s Gold Standard podcast. During part of our hour-long conversation, something he said struck me.

“I want to see Trey Lance play. There were so many times last year that I was calling for him. Probably every game. I’d rather...(laughs) I’m not a great sports fan. I’d rather lose and be entertained than win and be bored.”

The worst thing you can be in sports is boring. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. They both are passionate feelings about something. Many times our podcast views and downloads are higher after losses than wins. Apathy, however, is the death knell for a sports team.

“One of my favorite quarterbacks to watch was Tony Romo,” Britton continued, “Because you never knew. The play was going to be exciting, but you wouldn’t know what it was going to be...I love that entertainment value. That’s all that sports are to me. [With Garoppolo] never once have I said, ‘Wow.’ I’ve just never once seen him make a throw that I thought, ‘Well, not many can do that.’ Every time he throws, I think, ‘That’s what you’re supposed to do. That’s what your job is.’”

Almost everyone agrees that there will be far more volatility with Lance under center than Jimmy Garoppolo. What I want to know is, does that matter to you? Is a game automatically more entertaining for you as a fan because it ends with the 49ers scoring more points than the other team?

Cameron talked with us for over an hour and even answered some fanboy questions I had about Mindhunter, being an actor, and getting the chance to work with Tom Hanks. Please take a listen and let us know what you think!

Other topics covered in the episode

  • What was his reaction to the Javon Kinlaw Grant Cohn feud? (1:36)
  • How the 49ers need to help Kinlaw in the future (5:31)
  • Kinlaw’s comeback story now takes a back seat to the drama (8:07)
  • Where Grant Cohn was wrong in this situation (10:05)
  • Players on a team (like actors) have to realize they represent more than themselves (13:44)
  • How the 49ers should address the Kinlaw situation (19:00)
  • Trey Lance is stepping up as a leader in a big way (27:57)
  • Why Lance hot takes are like bad reviews of a movie trailer (30:54)
  • John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are more patient than the fans (33:41)
  • Can Cameron watch shows and movies like a regular person instead of like someone in the business? (45:10)
  • How he got in the frame of mind to play serial killer Ed Kemer (48:27)
  • Dumb fanboy questions about acting - is it fun to be shot in a show or movie? (50:55)
  • What’s the toughest thing about being an actor that people don’t think about? (51:49)
  • Does Tom Hanks really live up to the legends about him? (53:11)
  • How many teams want to stick it to the 49ers this year? (58:05)