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Golden Nuggets: Three more days until OTAs again

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, May 27th, 2022

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49ers Notebook: More video from OTAs; Deebo Samuel, other players attend Warriors playoff game

Below are two videos the 49ers posted on Thursday, which should satisfy fans at least a little bit. They feature prominent names like quarterback Trey Lance, tight end George Kittle, wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, and newcomers like wide receiver Ray-Ray McCloud, among several others.

Biderman believes 49ers will approach QB situation similar to how Patriots did in 2021

“You look at what Bill Belichick did last year when he had Cam Newton in training camp after drafting Mac Jones,” Biderman said on KNBR. “He pretty much decided ‘Hey, we’re just going to ride with Mac Jones and give him the development he needs and he’ll be unencumbered by a veteran.’ Which led to them releasing Cam Newton.”

What Brian Griese Likes About Trey Lance

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve had the chance to dig in on Trey and talk with him about how he sees himself and talk with Kyle about how he sees him and what the future looks like for him here. I’ve enjoyed that process immensely. Trey is 22. He’s actually only 7 years older than my daughter. He’s a lot closer to my kid’s age than my age, so I’m learning about him too and how he learns, and Nate (Sudfeld) as well, and now Brock (Purdy). It’s a different generation, which has been really fun and exciting for me to understand how they learn, how they process, how they retain information, how they apply that information in real time has been fun, and finding different ways to do that for different players with different learning styles.”

5 early 49ers overreactions from first OTA practices

“The 6-foot, 186-pound receiver [Danny Gray] showed some positive moments during OTAs, particularly with his ability to get a free release before using his speed to create chances for himself down the field.

However, flashing back to the fact cornerbacks aren’t allowed to engage in press coverage and bump receivers at the line of scrimmage, doing the same won’t be anywhere near as easy once training camp rolls around.”

Cynthia Frelund names new 49ers CB Charvarius Ward among NFL’s most underappreciated players

“San Francisco’s free-agent pickup boasts an NFL-best 46.9 completion percentage allowed in coverage since 2019, per [Next Gen Stats] (min. 150 targets),” wrote Frelund. “He also had only one penalty called against him last season with Kansas City. Not surprising then that the Niners, who ranked 29th in completion percentage allowed (68.2) and whose DBs were the most penalized in the league last season, pursued the 26-year-old this offseason.”

Branch: Explaining the 49ers’ extraordinary faith in untested backup QB Nate Sudfeld (paywall)

“You say (Sudfeld) doesn’t have any pedigree or experience,” Griese said. “There’s also no experience of him not being able to do the job. I’ve seen that happen a number of times where people say, ‘Well, this guy can’t do it.’ Oh, really? Well, give him the opportunity and see if he can do it. I’ve been really encouraged by Nate and his approach. His skill set. His mind-set. So I’m looking forward to seeing how much better he can get.”

Barrows: 49ers mailbag: On Trey Lance’s windup and which rookies will play most in 2022 (paywall)

“I thought he would have been working on that during his March to mid-April stay at quarterback school in Orange County. His instructor, Adam Dedeaux, told me that wasn’t the case — there weren’t any significant modifications and that the sessions served as more of a reset after a 2021 season in which Lance dealt with several injuries, including to the forefinger on his throwing hand.

Dedeaux did note, however, that Lance would be returning to Orange County after the 49ers’ spring practices are complete. He said that if there were any meaningful adjustments to Lance’s motion, they would be made then.”

Tice: The 2021 NFL Draft QBs: How Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones and others can improve (paywall)

“Lance’s legs also allow him to create explosive passing plays out of structure, but as a thrower and processor, he sometimes seemed to struggle with the jump in complexity to the NFL level. Lance has very good arm strength but also a longer motion that narrows the room for error if he is late anticipating a throw. When Lance can winnow down his options on a play, he displays the proper timing to get the ball out and the ability to fit throws into tight windows.”