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Spencer Burford’s dream of playing alongside Trent Williams has come true

The 49ers fourth round pick has watched plenty of Trent Williams

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Spencer Burford had his life changed forever when he got the phone call that the San Francisco 49ers were selecting him with the 134th pick in the 2022 NFL draft. Part of what makes the draft so special is seeing these moments unfold as these prospects achieve a lifelong dream that they spent countless hours pursuing over the years.

Making the league is always the ultimate goal, and the majority of these players will tell you they don’t care where they end up as long as it’s on an NFL franchise. While that may be true, there will always be a preferred list of destinations for these players.

Whether it’s location, coaching, or players who already reside on the roster, there’s always going to be something at play that makes a landing spot more desirable for a player entering the league.

Last month at the scouting combine, I talked with Burford, and I asked him about his thoughts about potentially playing on the same offensive line as Trent Williams.

Here's what he had to say:

“Trent Williams, I watch his game, he’s a freak of nature and I try to learn different techniques from this guy. Everybody in the league, sometimes they’re taught different things, sometimes they’re taught the same thing. But then you have that one guy that always finds his own groove to things and stuff like that.”

“The results speak for themselves at the end of the day. That would be great, learning from a legend like that, learning from a future Hall of Famer, that would be like a dream, man”.

The way Burford perked up when his name was mentioned alongside Trent Williams was certainly noteworthy as well. There was a genuine level of excitement and enthusiasm from Burford as he gave that response.

It remains to be seen what role Burford will take on with the team going forward, but just a few days after being selected, we do know one thing for sure. Burford’s dream of playing alongside Williams is now a reality.