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Golden Nuggets: Some promising rookies on the D-line

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

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Hutchinson: Breaking down 49ers’ 2022 draft class

“They got a very solid prospect to start, seemed to overvalue their next one without addressing safety, then took a bunch of half-court heaves. Maybe they come up empty, but at least they bet on athletes.”

Matt Maiocco on Deebo Samuel: ‘He’s not going anywhere’

“I think the goal for the 49ers is to get him under contract before training camp starts,” Maiocco said. “It’s not happening today or tomorrow, I don’t think so. But it’s going to be something that’s going to take a little bit of time. The question is though, how much is Deebo Samuel going to dig in? And I just don’t see the logic in him digging in. Because he’s a professional football player. Professional football players, they want to get paid for their services. And if he’s not with the 49ers, if he doesn’t show up, he’s not getting paid. And in fact, money’s coming out of his pocket. So I think I’d be surprised if they don’t make this work.”

John Lynch on KNBR: 49ers were close to Garoppolo trade, talks came to ‘screeching halt’ after shoulder surgery

“General manager John Lynch joined Tolbert & Copes on Monday to discuss everything from the draft to Deebo Samuel to Garoppolo. He doubled down on the point that San Francisco probably would not have Garoppolo on the roster right now if not for the surgery.”

The impact John Lynch believes Drake Jackson will have on the 49ers defense

“He is very, very talented,” Lynch added. “He’s excellent with his hands. He has some power. He has length. And then he has the ability—we call it that second burst. Once you beat your man, how quickly can you burst to that quarterback? He has that. He also has an incredible ability for a guy of his size just to turn corners really quick. ... That’s a hard thing for a bigger man to do but Drake does that extremely well.”

49ers rank No. 5 in Dan Hanzus’ post-draft power rankings

“Meanwhile, the Niners don’t seem at all eager to move superstar wide receiver Deebo Samuel, trade demand be damned. Kyle Shanahan said on Friday the 49ers have yet to receive an offer that was “even remotely close” to what they’d consider fair. One explanation for that, as a prominent NFL reporter recently said to me, is that San Francisco has been “really unreasonable” in trade conversations.”

What do the details of A.J. Brown’s new contract mean for Deebo Samuel and the 49ers? (paywall)

“Brown’s totals seem to mark a stop to that wild escalation of contracts at the position. It’s undoubtedly a large deal that fairly compensates Brown a year before his rookie contract was to expire, but it’s also a reasonable one within the larger context of the wideout market. It’s settled neatly into the top-five of wideout rankings in terms of both guaranteed money and APY, but it hasn’t blown the ceiling off the room.”

4 players 49ers must trade now after 2022 NFL Draft additions

“Being real here, San Francisco would have an awfully tough time trying to convince another team to give up something to land second-year offensive lineman Jaylon Moore. Particularly after he seemingly fell out of favor during the regular season and appeared to be third on the backup-lineman pecking order behind Tom Compton and Colton McKivitz.”

This Day 3 draft pick has best chance to make 49ers roster in 2022

“Davis, measuring 6-foot-1 and 302 pounds, was a former linebacker before moving to the defensive line his second season playing at UCF. Although he bulked up to switch positions, he can still move with the quickness of a linebacker when needed.”