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49ers in Five: Will Trey Lance make another leap before training camp?

He did last year, so what about 2022?

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

Last year Kyle Shanahan made a big deal about how important it was for Trey Lance to spend the time between minicamp and training camp putting in work to get better. By all accounts, Lance did the work and made a big jump during that 40 days. Now that we’ve reached that break in 2022, it’s fair to ask: Can Lance make another leap?

In case you forgot, there was a point in training camp where Trey Lance looked like he was coming for Jimmy Garoppolo’s job.

Obviously we all know now that the 49ers saw a plateau in that progress, but clearly Lance raised his level of play from one point in the offseason to the other.

Will we see a newer and more improved Trey Lance at training camp this year? So far this offseason, Trey has stepped up as a leader in the absence of Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s been in contact with teammates throughout the offseason, multiple players have said he’s more in command in the huddle, and he’s clearly more comfortable being the face of the team with the media.

Now, we got the report from NBC Sports Bay Area that Lance and other second-year players are hanging around the facility this week getting some extra work in with the rookies. If Lance is going to make that jump, he’s doing all the right things to make that happen.

My question to you would be this: what is the one thing you think Kyle Shanahan wants Trey to work on during these 40+ days? Is it accuracy? Is it footwork? Knowledge of the playbook? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

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