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Who is the 49ers' biggest nemesis and why?

Russell Wilson ain’t walking through that door...who takes his place during the next decade?

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

For the past decade, former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has terrorized 49er fans with moon balls, back-breaking scrambles, and near-perfect performances. He’s gone now. Russ can’t hurt you anymore. Not until Week 3, at least.

Who will serve as the 49ers’ biggest nemesis for the next decade, and why? Aaron Donald is 31, but he’s not going anywhere after recently signing an extension. Of course, you could name Jalen Ramsey or Matthew Stafford too. The 49ers owned the Rams during the regular season for a few years in a row, but all of the jokes are moot after falling to Los Angeles in the NFC Championship with a fourth-quarter lead. Perhaps, that makes the answer Sean McVay.

Kyler Murray needs to impress in the second half of the season before we can crown him. I’m not sure there’s a Cardinal that fits the description.

If we go back to the Seahawks, someone has to throw DK Metcalf, who might be on his way out, or Tyler Lockett the ball. So I’m not sure the answer to the article’s question is in the NFC West.

Looking at the landscape of the NFC, is there anyone who gives you the jitters? Who you know that if they play the 49ers, that person will light the Niners up? We have enough evidence to rule out Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Sure, it could be Tom Brady, but he does that to everyone. But, then, you go to the NFC East, and it feels like you’re reaching.

Who is your pick?